Caption Contest – Marley’s Hungry!


This is my dog Marley during a recent backyard barbecue (yes, my dog is awesome!). Write a caption for this photo in the comments section for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate to The Shiksa Market, my online market launching soon! The Shiksa Market will feature some of my favorite food products, including hard-to-find gourmet items and organic products from around the world. I will also be offering unique food history books and cookbooks, kitchenware, gift baskets, Shiksa in the Kitchen branded apparel and more. Details coming soon!

To enter the contest, just write a caption for this photograph at the end of this blog post. Be sure to include a correct email address in the email box so we can contact you if you win. Enter by Friday, August 5 at 5:00pm PST. Winner will be announced when the contest ends. Good luck!

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  1. So if I act sleepy they will leave me alone and I can steal. Opps, can’t steal, that’s one of the commandments. How many am I breaking now? Am I honoring my mother and father? Only if I don’t steal or slobber on those darn kabobs. Opps, well I didn’t really swear. I’m staring so hard I’m coveting – breaking two commandments. I didn’t murder the chickens – so I didn’t break that one either. Coveting, mom and dad, stealing??? Hey, they are kosher, so all’s good. Where is that stick when you need it? Oh yeah, in the middle of the kabob. Please, please, please throw me a stick. Woof!

  2. Y-A-W-N, I’ll pretend that I don’t notice that my dinner is ready and strike when they go inside for the plates and drinks. I hope they remember the veggies. A dog must have a well balanced diet!

  3. Ema, you can’t eat those shish-kabobs, they’re not Kosher! Why don’t I take ‘em out to the “trash” for you!

  4. I have a caption for you:

    “Hmmmm…I think I’ll feign disinterest…that is UNTIL they are not looking!”

  5. It’s okay Mom! I’m watching ‘em for you, don’t worry, nobody’s gonna get near them. Oh yeah, there safe here with me, yup, safe. I’m not even looking at ‘em.

  6. Oh gosh, there she goes again another temptation, hmm. Here she goes again, those so perfect bobbies,, . Stop! I need to focus on my will power, she can be such the tease–the sniff fest and food fantasy is on- I will show her will power! I can manage my waistline!

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