Brinner Week Giveaway!


The winner is Christina!

Christina’s comment: “My favorite brinner is definitely pancakes — blueberry ricotta pancakes!! I love having them with extra blueberries on top! Mmm:)”

Christina’s comment was chosen from an online randomizer. Extra entries were awarded to those who “tweeted” and Facebooked. To those who didn’t win, stay tuned, another giveaway will be coming up very soon!


This week on The Shiksa in the Kitchen, I’ll be focusing on one of my very favorite food subjects…


Meaning Breakfast for Dinner, of course.  :)

My family loves having breakfast for dinner. We do it a couple of times a month because it’s fun, easy, and lighter than a big heavy dinner meal. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite brinner recipes before we head into our Passover holiday planning. I’ll be sharing some brand new brinner recipes, as well as favorite dishes from the archives.

To celebrate Brinner Week, I’m holding a fun breakfast-themed giveaway! Comment on this post and let me know what your favorite brinner dish is. Share the link on Facebook for an additional entry, and Tweet it for another entry by clicking the share buttons at the end of this post– that means you can enter up to three times! You will be subscribed to my website newsletter with free recipes, fun food history posts, and Shiksa in the Kitchen news. You will also be automatically entered to win this gorgeous Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker!

This waffle maker is a real beauty. It cooks 2 large Belgian waffles at a time so you can quickly feed a hungry crowd. It’s a quality waffle iron (retail value $99.95) that produces gorgeous, golden waffles that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Perfect for making brinner!

Here is a quick breakdown of the rules again– you only need to enter once, but you can enter up to three times by following these steps:

Comment below and let me know what your favorite brinner dish is. This will count as your first official entry, and you don’t have to do anything more if you don’t want to. You will be subscribed to my website newsletter with free recipes and Shiksa in the Kitchen news. Be sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win!

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The contest ends at the end of Brinner Week at 3:00pm Pacific Time on Friday. The winner will chosen via a computerized randomizer, and will be announced here on Monday March 19; they will also be notified via email. The prize will be shipped via standard shipping the following week. Good luck!


Thank you to all who entered!

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  1. Omelets! We make them with all kinds of fillings. I love to make it with roasted red peppers, banana peppers and feta cheese!

  2. I love eggs Benedict for brinner. I also like to change things up a bit and make cornmeal waffles to go with a savory topping like chicken a la king.

  3. I love to make banana foster waffles for brinner. There are folks who are always asking when the next time I will be making them

  4. I am not a real fan of breakfast at a “normal breakfast hour” However, belgian waffles with either strawberry ice cream or strawberries/fruit and whipped cream are always a treat. An omlette made by my husband is also always a nice change of pace.

  5. Funny….just had this tonight….eggs and cheese with a side of pancakes….it’s my go-to meal… love it!!

  6. I love anything sweet for breakfast- cinnamon rolls, muffins, waffles, etc. My boyfriend is British so we often make English style pancakes (similar to crepes) for breakfast when we’ve got extra time on the weekend.

  7. Hands down, my favorite brinner food is what I call Aubergine Eggs. I grill two thick slices of eggplant, poach two eggs, and toast an English muffin. Assembly is “stacked”: English muffin half, topped with grilled eggplant, topped with poached egg, topped with a delicious tangy Tahina-Lemon sauce that I make and store in the fridge. I serve the two stacked English muffin halves with a side Israeli salad, a side of creamy labane with olive oil & Zaatar topping, and if I have time, some sautéed potato wedges (a healthier version of hash browns). Call some girlfriends over, make mimosas, and ENJOY!!!

  8. My favorite brinner is “omelet.” It is really a scrambled egg dinner. I start by sauteing onions and garlic until caramelized, you can add other veggies like green peppers or what you like. I add some sliced potatoes and cook them until they are done. I take the spatula and cut them into pieces and add some mushrooms, or not, depending on who is eating the omelet. Then you can add your choice of meat, I usually put ham in it but it would work with leftover chicken or corned beef. Then scramble six to eight eggs or maybe more, depending on the amount of guests. Pour that over the potato / veggie mixture and stir the eggs until almost done. Then put copious quantities of shredded cheese, I love to use super sharp cheddar cheese but a good Swiss would work too. Make sure to stir the cheese in and let it get melted into the eggs. Serve with your choice of bread or other side dishes. Enjoy!

  9. bacon or sausage or ham or steak and eggs, with hash browns and biscuits n gravy, making the gravy from the drippings off the meat, then dice it all up on the plate into one big gooey, yummy mess, sprinkle liberally with Tabasco and chow down.

  10. i like a french style omelet with Cream Cheese and lots of thin sliced saute’d Hot Cherry Peppers and nice thick sliced of grilled Grainery Bread slathered with Butter and Marmite

  11. Brinner…veggie omelet if I feel like cooking, cap’n crunch if I don’t…either way it’s a happy night

  12. The incredible edible egg. In fact it’s funny you post this because I just finished eating an egg sandwich :)

  13. we love chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon for dinner, often with fresh fruit. actually, i think that this meal is a winner here pretty much ANYTIME! :)

  14. My favorite brinner food is actually waffles, believe it or not. Fried chicken and waffles has taken Portland by storm, so there are plenty places around here to get that during breakfast and dinner.

    However, not owning a waffle iron that I’ve so desperately wanted for so long leaves me unable to make delicious waffles at home. So I often settle for pancakes. But it’s not the same, Shiksa! It’s just not the same…

  15. My favorite brinner is vanilla french toast and maple sausage. I’m never awake enough in the morning to make real breakfast food so I cherish a good brinner.

  16. My Brinner winner is Gluten-Free waffles or pancakes drizzled with cinnamon-maple syrup, topped by crumbled crispy bacon (if I have any on hand), served with a side of scrambled eggs (sometimes I will leave the bacon off the waffles and serve it on the side, or crumble it up and mix it into the eggs). YUMMMMY for MY tummy, and a party in my mouth : )

  17. Our newest favorite are cinnamon roll swirl pancakes topped with a powdered sugar glaze. We love this chicken apple sausage. Easy to make and absolutely dreamy!

  18. I usually let the baby decide… so it’s either Waffles with a little Nutella (which she also requests practically every morning! LOL) Or I make her favorite omelettes… Asparagus & cheese or spinach & cheese… pretty amazing choices from a 4 year old! LOL

  19. Forgot to mention… I also shared on my facebook page, and tweeted it too! ( or whatever the appropriate vernacular is LOL)

  20. I love brinner! Those some bacon pieces into the waffle mix and serve waffles with cinnamon/powdered sugar and hot applesauce =P You will love it so much, you will want to MARRY it!

  21. Spinach and feta cheese frittata, French baguette “French toast” with maple bacon. Strawberries salad (with a tsp of sugar and one of vinegar.) Very chic, very filling, quite wholesome..:)

  22. We love maple syrup waffles, with strawberry and raspberry. It’s soo good. I do it every Sunday morning, I am an expert after many years. I wish to have a new waffle maker, mine is about 13 years old. We also eat pancakes , but the very thin one, I make it for breakfast for the kids during the week.


  23. Waffles, pancakes, even fried eggs. They’re all good. This evening I got home late from play rehearsal and just tossed some wild blueberries in a bowl of raisin bran. There’s no real rule about having to eat breakfast just in the morning.

  24. Fave breakfast-for-dinner? Biscuits and gravy, eggs, hashbrowns and (yes) sausage!! Not exactly the world’s lightest fare, but good all the same!! If you asked my daughter this same question, her answer would be waffles with lots of syrup! (we really do need a new waffle iron!!)

  25. We are partial to bacon and eggs, but the little one loves either pancakes or waffles, with TONS of syrup!

  26. LOVE Breakfast any time – soft scrambled is a fav – wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, with tomato, spinach & salsa (cheese optional but yum as well) – home made hash browns or potato large grated (sometimes add cauliflower stem & broccoli stem grated in with it) with onion & seasoned with oregano, cayenne, salt & pepper, paprika & turmeric.

  27. Call me crazy, but I really love a bowl of cereal and milk for dinner. Actually, I particularly like it for an after-dinner snack. Nom nom nom. I could eat breakfast all day long.

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