How to Make a Mishloach Manot

On Purim, we make Mishloach Manot baskets to send as gifts to friends, family, and acquaintances. These baskets are given as gifts within the Jewish community as a symbol of friendship and the strength of the Jewish community. To give a Mishloach Manot is considered a mitzvah – a commandment and good deed. It is also customary to give Mishloach Manot, along with other gifts of food and money, as charitable offerings to the poor. The charity is given in order to ensure that the recipient has enough food during the Purim celebration. The Mishloach Manot custom originated in the Book of Esther, as part of the story of Purim:

As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor. (Esther 9:22)

I thought it would be fun to put together a few Mishloach Manot baskets for Purim, to give you some examples of the types of items that might be included. Obviously these are just ideas; with Mishloach Manot, you can really get creative and have fun putting together all kinds of baskets, from simple to spectacular. The only “rule,” really, is to have at least two items that can be eaten in the basket. If you’re making a basket for a family who keeps kosher, you’ll want to make sure that all food items you include are kosher or kosher-certified. Most baskets will also contain some sort of hamantaschen, a traditional cookie for the holiday. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless!

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Be sure to scroll to the end of the post… I’ll be giving away two of these pretty Mishloach Manot baskets this week, and you can enter to win one!


This basket would be a great gift for a tea lover, or for somebody who loves to bake. I’ve included some delicious kosher herbal teas, a pretty mug with a tea strainer, homemade hamantaschen with nuts and dates, and a fun book called “The Great Latke Hamantash Debate.” I’ve also included one of our popular Royal Challah silicone baking pans in a small size. They will help the recipient create beautifully shaped challot without the need for braiding, and are particularly helpful for those who wish to make gluten free challah (the dough is often difficult to braid). Links to the products appear below.

Tea and Challah Basket Product Links


The Great Latke Hamantash Debate

Silicone Challah Pan

Treat Box


Tea Infuser


This basket is perfect for that special kid in your life. It’s filled with all kinds of fun stuff… a colorful children’s book called “Barnyard Purim,” a traditional noisemaker called a gragger, and a cool FunBites sandwich cutter for making mini sandwich bites for school lunches. I’ve filled it out with grape juice, cookies, and candy treats from the local kosher market. You can also stick in some healthier treats like dried fruit and nuts, as long as the recipient doesn’t have a nut allergy.

To make the pretty bag you see with my home-baked hamantaschen, download my free printable “Happy Purim!” and “Chag Purim Sameach!” treat bag toppers and instructions. They can be found at the following link: Homemade Mishloach Manot Baskets for Purim

Kid Fun Purim Basket Product Links


Barnyard Purim


FunBites Sandwich Cutter


These Mini Mishloach Manot baskets are perfect for bringing to Hebrew school, for kids to give to their friends, and for larger groups where you want to send a small token for Purim. They’ll fit a few hamantaschen and another treat, like candy or dried fruit, in a cute little “basket” package just right for gift giving. Supplies can be found below, including ribbon and tags so you can write a little message to the recipient. Free printable “Happy Purim!” and “Chag Purim Sameach!” treat bag toppers and instructions can be found at the following link: Homemade Mishloach Manot Baskets for Purim.

Mini Mishloach Manot Product Links

Colorful Treat Boxes




This Mishloach Manot is designed for giving to “grown up” friends. Drinking is a part of the Purim celebration; the requirement in the Talmud goes so far as to instruct that one should get so drunk that they can’t tell the difference between the phrases Arur Haman (“cursed is Haman”) and Baruch Mordechai (“blessed is Mordecai”). While not everybody participates in this custom, those that do will appreciate the sentiment of this basket. It includes homemade Flavor Infused Vodka and Herb Infused Simple Syrup (follow the links for instructions to make your own). Here I’ve put homemade hamantaschen in a silver Chinese takeout box (you can buy them at the link below). I’ve also added a funny book, “The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals” (I reviewed the book here), some cookies, a Jewish ice mold, a jigger for measuring liquor into cocktails, and a mask to celebrate the costumed festivities of Purim.

L’Chaim Purim Basket Product Links

Ice Cube Molds

The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals

Double Jigger

Glass Flask

Glass Bottle

Chinese Takeout Treat Boxes



This basket is a beautiful way to show a family that you care. Included are homemade hamantaschen, dates and nuts, herbal tea and kosher coffee, grape juice and kosher treats. It also includes two lovely masks to help the recipient celebrate the costumed Purim festivities.

Family Fun Purim Basket Product Links


Treat Box


Instant Coffee



I am giving away three of the baskets seen in this post – the Family Fun Purim Basket, the Kid Fun Purim Basket, and the Tea and Challah Purim Basket. Just comment on the site below and let me know which basket you would like to receive, and why. Make sure you leave a valid email address in the email field so we can contact you if you win. All who enter will be signed up for my free weekly newsletter (if you already receive the newsletter, don’t worry, we’ve got you on file… you won’t receive duplicate newsletters). You can unsubscribe from my newsletter at any time. Winners will be chosen at random. Entries are limited to the continental United States for this contest; if you live outside the U.S., please don’t enter, as we won’t be able to ship the basket to you.

So tell me, what’s your favorite basket? Contest ends on Tuesday, February 19 at 5:00pm Pacific. CONTEST HAS ENDED, post is closed to further comments.

Congratulations to Janet Leigh, Nicola, and Nanette H.! Your comments were chosen via an online randomizer, and you are the winning recipients of the Purim Mishloach Manot baskets. I will be notifying you all via email. To everybody else who entered, thank you for commenting. I will host another giveaway soon!

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  1. I would love the Tea and Challah Purim Basket. We just moved from NY to FL to be closer to my in-laws. Mom and Dad would get such a kick out of this. Who knew they made a silicone mold for challah?

    1. I forgot to specify in my original comment that the Tea and Challah Basket is my favorite because I make Challah bread frequently and have a tradition of having afternoon tea with both my mom and my husband! Homemade challah bread would be a nice addition to our tea parties. :) The challah mold is so cool!!!

  2. My husband and I noticed that there are always homeless men standing at the exit to our new assemble location. So we are making up big baggies of essentials to give to them:

    Bottled water
    knit hat
    protein bars

    Since there seems to be a different person on this corner, we thought that it would be a good idea to always have these “blessing bags” ready to hand out thru the year.

  3. My mother used to prepare Purim baskets for those in a local Jewish retirement home. She was one of the most giving persons I knew. We lost her when she was just 51 and I was just 23. She would encourage me to help make and deliver the baskets and instilled, not only my sense of giving at a young age, but a love, respect and appreciation for the elderly. After losing her to breast cancer, it’s sad to admit, I didn’t carry on the tradition. Your baskets have inspired me to continue doing so! They are wonderful!

  4. I love them all, but especially the kid’s basket as my husband and i are adopting an 8 yr old boy and introducing Jewish traditions to him. thanks

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas! I’m currently in the process of converting, and this is my first time seriously celebrating Purim, so they were really helpful. I bought some baskets, through a temple program, to give to some of the people there who’ve been helping me, but it would be nice to make some more personalized ones, too, and you’ve given me some great ideas. I’ve always been a big tea drinker, and would love to win the tea basket – I had no idea there were so many fellow tea lovers out there, though, lol! Thanks for including links to where I can buy the products in case I don’t win. :-) I’d love to receive updates via email, so feel free to add me to that list as well.

  6. Would love to have the grown up basket Ever since my daughter left home and then my mother in law passing two years ago it gets harder and harder to enjoy the holidays. Love Purim

  7. i am a home care therapist that oftentimes share’s with my home bound clients holiday meals that i have either prepared or ones that are store bought. i would so love to win the tea and challah purim basket; so that i could actually distribute my own personally made challahs’ from that incredible challah pan.!!!!!!

  8. I can’t decide which one I like best! The kids basket reminds me of my childhood. Making hamantashchen with grandma, and the best part: eating them and playing with noisemakers! :)

  9. I love that you’ve included Israeli products in one of these charming baskets! Kol tov! I just returned from there and Purim was already the biggest shopping attraction.

  10. Either the Tea & Challah or the Family Fun basket would bring joy to my celebration of Purim. I love baking, I love eating, and I love warm beverages! I see the Family Fun basket includes dates, and my Hebrew name is Tamar! I love your beautiful site.

  11. Would love to win family basket but any would do want to share it with the people I work with so they can learn a little bit more about being Jewish. I am the only Jew that works in my department. It would be fun to share with them. Thanks

  12. The tea and challah! I am not Jewish but my roommate was and he invited me to seder, passover, and I went to the Temple sometimes with him and his family. His mother taught me to make Challah and latkes. I love tea anyways so this would be awesome to have when they come over here and visit because I do serve kosher meals for him and them :)

  13. Any of the baskets would be great, but my favorite has to be the one with the gragger in it. I would love it if you were to send one to my daughter, now 26 years old, but still my little girl. Jessie would be tickled to receive one of these. And since I can’t be there to spend the holiday with her, she wouldn’t need to be concerned that I might get annoyed and take that gragger away from her! I’ve already gotten my prize. Your post brought back for me the memory of my Jessie as a toddler… running up and down the aisles of the synagogue in her Queen Esther costume.. Such fun! Thanks!!

  14. I would love to win the family fun Purim basket. There is something for everyone and I especially love the beautiful masks!

  15. The Tea & Challah Basket — because it just might be the impetus I need to get off my tuchis and actually bake a challah. I’m sure Bubi’s rolling pin is around here somewhere …

  16. i would love the family fun purim basket to share with my granddaughter.She went to the yeshiva til 8th grade she is now 17 and misses being in that school it would be nice to enjoy it together…they are all lovely !!

  17. Oh my! They all look wonderful, but since I love tea and love to read, the Tea and Challah would be my choice. Thanks.

  18. I would like to win the Tea and Challah Purim Basket to give to my wonderful daughter-in-law who is a school teacher. She loves to bake for her husband and three children. This would be a perfect gift. A cup of tea and a good book for her.

  19. I the idea of the baskets. If I were choosing for me, I’d choose the tea and challah basket because I drink a lot of tea and have a special Anthropolie mug I use and I love the mug in the basket. Also, I want to try your Hamantaschen!

  20. they all look so wonderful for sharing with family and friends – couldn’t decide between the tea and challah or the L’Chaim baskets. :)

  21. I would love to win the Family Fun Purim Basket. I am a born and raised Catholic girl who read Marjorie Morningstar when young and I have been interested in the Jewish faith ever since. I have learned a lot from you!

  22. These mishloach manot baskets are very creative. I use to make such baskets during high school for Homecoming. I would love to make these for my neighbors who are Jewish and keep kosher.

  23. I would love to win any of these amazing mishloach manot to share with my family and help teach my kids about this fun mitzvah. I love your Facebook and emails. Shiksa, you rock!

  24. Wow love all of these baskets the tea and challah looks amazing! I’ve been trying to get back in touch with my Jewish roots and share the amazing culture with my partner and friends one of my favorite past times was making challah at the shule! The family fun basket also looks amazing I will have to give them a go! Thanks you Shiksa, your website is amazing! Xx

  25. I love the family fun one. I teach at a day school and we are busy making our baskets, sometimes I forget about the family and they miss out.

  26. I would love to receive any basket. I gave out so many last year and received none. I was so hurt. I thought I would skip it this year but the mitzvah is mine and the poor and friends and family need it more so I am sending and making. Baskets. I think I will try to make the tea and. Challah one. It is so beautiful. But I will add apples and oranges For the adults some liquor. Candy for the children and a greaggah. Thank you for all your recipes and stories. I love. Reading your blog

  27. So colorful & inviting…love all of the Israeli products! Thanks for sharing your ideas. One theme that I did once was “salad”…all of the fixings for making and serving a salad were in a colorful salad bowl…it was a big hit. Chag Same’ach!

  28. I remember my Motyher making these baskets when I was only 6 or 7 years old. Now that I am 80 , I guess I can still remember them…slightly. Either my memory is still good or I am hallucinating . Whichever, I am still happy

  29. The “Tea and Challah” basket is so charming. It’s just waiting for good friends to get together and chat over a hot cup of tea.

  30. I think the L’Chaim basket is my favorite of all the sample mishloach manot baskets you’ve put together. Who wouldn’t love it? But of the contest give-aways, the Tea and Challah basket is the one I’d most like to receive, hands down! The idea is charming, the silicone challah pan looks like it would be a lot of fun to use, and if those hamantashen are half as scrumptious as they look…. well, no matter how quickly I put the kettle on, there won’t be any left by the time the tea is brewed! :-)

  31. These are great ideas. I would love to win the Family Fun Basket because it contains something to be enjoyed by every member of the family.

  32. I am sending out a ‘holla’ for the tea and challah basket!!!! The tea for the much needed calm and the other goodies for that too. 😉

  33. I would like to win the Tea and Challah basket. I am enjoying learning about Jewish customs and foods.

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