Interested in sharing your recipe with me? I would love to hear from you! I regularly feature family stories and recipes in my blog. As long as it has a history and a heritage, I’m all ears!

I am most interested in the story behind the recipe, and the background of each family who is contributing to the blog. Along with your recipe, be sure to write a short introduction about the history of your dish. This introduction might include your family’s ancestry, who taught the dish to you, which holidays the dish was prepared for, etc.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple. Please only send recipes that an amateur home cook would be able to prepare. In other words, don’t send us your molecular gastronomy method for preparing gefilte fish.
  • Make your recipe clear, precise, and easy to understand. Provide accurate measurements, and be specific—if you always make your recipe with kosher salt, write kosher salt, not just salt.
  • If you submit your recipe, you are granting permission for your recipe to be reprinted in Tori’s blog and any future publications. If you are not interested in your recipe becoming public, please do not submit it.
  • Do not submit a recipe that has already been published, either online or in a cookbook. I only want to see original family recipes; please do not submit a recipe that has already been printed, as this violates copyright law.

If you would like your recipe to be considered, please fill out this form. I will notify you via email if your recipe is chosen. Thank you for contributing to our online cooking community!

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