A Journey from Shiksa to Shakshuka

In lieu of a blog today, please read my cover story in this month’s issue of Tribe Magazine. The article discusses my conversion to Judaism and the role that food has played in my spiritual journey. Here is the link:

A Journey From Shiksa to Shakshuka: A Modern Conversion Story

Hope you enjoy it!

xo Tori

aka The Shiksa In The Kitchen

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  1. You’re such a doll, what a neat article. I had to report back on the hallah bread pudding recipe you posted, it was outta control delicious. The only modificaction I made was I subbed half and half for the cream in the sauce (cream’s a little too heavy for me). It still turned out great, the sauce was probably not as thick but we didn’t mind. Love it, love the recipes, love the Shiksa!

  2. I’ve been following you on Facebook for a few months now. I had lunch at my favorite deli yesterday and was so happy when I saw you on the cover of Tribe! Can’t wait to buy your cookbook, I’ve tried a few of your recipes and they’ve all turned out really yummy.

  3. Hey there Shiksa Goddess! LOL I’m here browsing your site with my future sister in law who is also considering conversion. We found you through the Tribe article. We just wanted to wish you mazel tov on your conversion and THANK YOU for these amazing recipes! I’m the opposite of a Jewish mother and sis in law also has some things to learn in the cooking dept. Luckily most of your recipes don’t seem to tough. Thank you for the great resource, looking forward to following your rise to success!

  4. Hey Shiksa! What a thrill to follow you for months and then see you on the cover of Tribe! You look gawgeous, dahlink! And the article is fantastic, heartfelt and informative. Glad to see the Shiksa getting some well-deserved attention! Long may she reign!



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