Tori’s Picks – 6.17.11

Today I’m starting a new tradition here on! As a food blogger I’m on the internet a lot, and I often find fun and exciting content (articles, recipes, videos) that I want to share with all of you. I’ve decided to take my favorite “picks” from my week on the web and post them each Friday. Tori’s Picks begins today!

But first, here’s a quick recap of this week’s posts on– just in case you missed them.  :)


Delectable cookies dipped in sugar and baked to tender-crisp perfection. This family recipe was sent to me by blog reader Andrea, who got it from her grandmother Renée. Renée was raised in a Sephardic Jewish orphanage in London, but these twists are likely German in origin. Sour cream was an important part of nineteenth-century Eastern European cuisine, and was particularly prevalent in German Jewish cooking and baking. Click here to read.

Here’s a photo of Marley taking a swim. Isn’t he cute? :)


We have a winner! Actually, we have FOUR winners. Thank you so much for your creative and hilarious comments! Read the comment section to find out who won their own copy of The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals! Click here to read.


Here are some of my favorite picks from the web this week.


The Tartelette blog has some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful food photography I’ve seen. June 14’s post includes a recipe for White Peach Tartelettes that are so pretty, you almost don’t want to eat them… and yet you must, because they sound so incredibly delicious! Click here to read more.


I love Ree DrummondThe Pioneer Woman – and this week she posted an awesome recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee. Many of us spend too much of our hard-earned money at Starbucks, especially during the summer when we’re craving those creamy, iced caffeinated drinks. Here, Ree presents a simple, awesome way to caffeinate at home and create the perfect iced coffee. Click here to read more.



I just discovered the Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes vegan cooking blog through Foodbuzz, and this salad recipe totally hooked me! I keep seeing gorgeous red cherries at the supermarket, and I’ve been wondering what to do with them. Pairing them with a Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette is inspired! Can’t wait to try this recipe. Click here to read more.



This book looks so fascinating! I’m looking forward to reading it. Here’s a short description from the website:

One May day in 1896, at a dining room table in Cambridge, England, a meeting took place between a Romanian-born maverick Jewish intellectual and twin learned Presbyterian Scotswomen who had assembled to inspect several pieces of rag-paper and parchment. It was the unlikely start to what would prove a remarkable, continent-hopping, century-crossing saga, and one that in many ways has revolutionized our sense of what it means to lead a Jewish life.

Click to watch the book trailer.



Every week, I’ll be posting the Twitter accounts that made me smile with their fun or interesting tweets. Here are this week’s picks…


…for sharing her grandmother’s amazing story and their
family recipe for Sour Cream Twists.


…for posting this delicious looking recipe for Torta di Ricotta.


…for winning the LA Weekly Web Award for Best Home Cooking Site. Bravo!



JUNE 19: This Sunday is Father’s Day! I’ll be brunching with my husband, stepdaughter and family, then spending a lazy afternoon watching movies together. How will you be celebrating?


JULY 5: Gluten Free Girl is throwing a virtual Pie Party on Tuesday, July 5 (not to be confused with Pi day on March 14, as pointed out by blog reader and former math teacher Connie!). I’ll be blogging about pie that day, along with a lot of other food bloggers I know. If you want to participate, it’s simple– bake a pie and post a picture on the Pie Party Facebook page. You can post it on my Facebook page too, if you want, and share that pie goodness with all of our awesome readers! I mean, come on. Who needs an excuse to bake… or eat… pie?? This will be fun! :)



Did you read an article this week that you think my readers would find interesting? Are you a food blogger with a recipe that you want everybody see? Or maybe you want to share what’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend. Comment below and let us know about it! This is a cooking community, and what better way to get involved then to share your thoughts?


SHABBAT SHALOM! Have a wonderful weekend and a terrific Father’s Day.  :)

xoxo Tori

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  1. Great idea! I’m totally doing pie day. This weekend we’re barbecuing for Father’s Day, if the weather is nice, salmon on maple planks with veggie skewers.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Tori! Also: cold-brewed iced coffee is my best friend. I’m trying to drink it a bit less because I know it’s dehydrating, but when I have it, cold brewed is the way. I make it in a French press with coarse grounds. Glad you shared; Ree’s is mouth-watering.

    1. I know, Ree’s recipe looks so good! I don’t drink the iced coffee too often (it makes me jittery), but when summer comes I find myself craving it more. My problem is with iced tea. I’m obsessed with iced tea. And it’s a uniquely American thing, which makes it tough to get my caffeine fix when I’m traveling abroad…

  3. I glanced at your awesome recipe for iced coffee and noticed that you didn’t include my favourite addition (a la Martha Stewart) and that is making the ice from coffee. Try it!
    My cousin turned me on to your blog/site today via
    facebook and I am so glad he did. I can’t wait to try the sour cream twists.Anna

  4. Thank you for this blog. A great mix of culture and cuisine. I posted the book trailer for “Sacred Trash” to my FB profile. Will definitely read the book when it comes out. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I am going to take you up on your offer to join the fun. I’ve signed up for the facebook page for pie day. I also realized I hadn’t added your fb page so I did that as well. Now to decide which kind of pie….

  6. My friend Jonna who lives in NY just pointed me in your direction, as she did with The Pioneer Women, and I have to say that I’m now spreading the word in The Lou (as in St Louis). Love your recipes, your stories, your photos, your videos, and your dog, of course. I write a Jewish parenting humor column called “Misheags of Motherhood,” and I was wondering how you feel about sharing sacred family recipes, like strudel.

    1. Ellie, thank you so much for helping to spread the word! I LOVE sharing family recipes, provided a family is willing to offer them! I think it’s a great way for families to reconnect with their roots. I’ve done several family recipe blogs, here are links to just a few (forgive the food photography on some of the earlier blogs, I was just learning how to work with the camera):

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      Strudel is something I’ve wanted to blog about for quite some time. If you have a recipe you’d like to share, let me know. I’ll definitely check out your column, too! :)

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