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Happy Sunday! It’s been a lazy morning here on the home front. I’ve been hanging out with my husband and my dog Marley, waiting for the June gloom to lift. It’s been such a long winter here in California, and even though I like cooler weather, I’m ready for the sun to come back. So is Marley… he’s been snoozing all afternoon, snoring like an old man, and I have a feeling he’s dreaming about swimming in the summer sun.

Where Marley is now…

Where Marley wishes he was!

Come back, summer, please!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’ve joined a few fun websites. Most of you follow me through Facebook, but there are a few other sites you should know about as well.

Did you know I’m on Twitter? I know many of you don’t “tweet,” but for those who do, you can follow me there for more frequent updates: @toriavey. I share my own recipe updates, as well as link to other food blogs that I admire and articles I find interesting. While I only update Facebook with my own website content, Twitter is a place for casual conversation, and I tend to share more frequently there. Click here to find and follow my Twitter account.

Also, if any of you are on TastyKitchen.com or Foodbuzz.com, I joined both this week, and I’ve been sharing some fabulous recipes from my archives. Come find me! Click on the images below for direct links to my profiles:

Now that my newly redesigned website is up and running, I’m hoping to spread the word about it so we can grow our awesome cooking community! Please consider sharing my site with any friends that might be interested in free recipes, food history, or Jewish cuisine.

Looking forward to getting to know you all better– whether it’s here on my website or through Facebook, Twitter, TastyKitchen or FoodBuzz!

xo Tori

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  1. […] Delectable cookies dipped in sugar and baked to tender-crisp perfection. This family recipe was sent to me by blog reader Andrea, who got it from her grandmother Renée. Renée was raised in a Sephardic Jewish orphanage in London, but these twists are likely German in origin. Sour cream was an important part of nineteenth-century Eastern European cuisine, and was particularly prevalent in German Jewish cooking and baking. Click here to read. […]

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