Tori’s Picks – 7.17.11

Every Friday, I take my favorite “picks” from my week on the web and post them here for you to enjoy. But before I announce my picks, here is a quick recap of this week’s posts on– just in case you missed them.  :)


My creamy Vanilla Noodle Kugel is covered in a crunchy vanilla cookie topping.
Perfect for a summer potluck!


Want to win this adorable Pylones Babushka Salt and Pepper Mill? You have a few more hours to enter… it’s easy! Just follow the instructions in the blog.


Here are some of my favorite picks from the web this week.


I just had to include this recipe for Hogwarts Cake from Darla at the Bakingdom blog. Darla is a food blogger, military wife, and professional cake decorator– she also happens to love Harry Potter. The world is Harry Potter obsessed this weekend (me included!), and what better way to celebrate than a gorgeous, colorful cake made in honor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? And the instructions and photographs are so clear, we “Muggles” won’t need a magic wand to make it ourselves!


The Galley Gourmet posted this flavorful Black-Eyed Pea Salad, which would make a tasty and healthy addition to a summer backyard barbecue. Love the addition of jalapeno for heat.



This post on Caleigh’s Kitchen made me smile. Food blogger Amber does a great job of tying in her family heritage with a beloved family recipe – her Nanny’s Sugar Cookies.



I found this article on utterly fascinating. By analyzing ancient pottery, Patrick McGovern is resurrecting the libations that fueled civilization.
Now THAT is a fun profession, if you ask me.


Every week, I post the Twitter accounts that make me smile with their
fun or interesting tweets. Here are this week’s picks…


…Cuz she blogs from an 18th century farm in Ireland. How cool is that?? She also has some fun recipes and gorgeous photography. Check her out!


…this is my graphic designer, Amy Gorrek, who created my gorgeous logo and various items for my website. She rocks! Can’t recommend her highly enough.


…for making me feel better about my over-indulgence in kugel by telling me it’s the Breakfast of Champions… AND for her amazing cross-stitching skills. :)


I get so many fun and insightful comments on my website from readers. I read every single one, and while I can’t always directly respond to them all (though I sure do try!), I truly appreciate the time you take to write them. Once in a while, I get a comment that makes me smile or laugh or touches my heart. I’ll be sharing the comment of the week here. This week, the comment came in on my kugel post from a reader who calls herself Mammaleh:

Hey Tori, you have made me a very happy lady today. You see today is my birthday, and I was feeling the need for some of Mama’s comfort food. Getting older is a bit daunting this year now that I am eligible for AARP. LOL Your kugel sounds perfect. I will definitely make it over the next week. Thanks for the “hug”.

Reading a comment like this makes all the work I put into this website worthwhile. Thanks Mammaleh!


Did you read an article this week that you think my readers would find interesting? Are you a food blogger with a recipe that you want everybody see? Or maybe you want to share what’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend. Comment below and let us know about it!

Shabbat Shalom! Have a delicious weekend.

Tori xo

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