Organic Dates from a Kibbutz in Israel

I just got a big beautiful bunch of organic dates from a kibbutz in Israel! They came to me on the vine, just like this, direct from Israel.

These are literally the most amazing dates I’ve ever tasted… so sweet and moist. Perfection! Now I have a big box of them, so I’ll have to come up with a way to use them all. Any ideas?  :)


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  1. I make chocolate chip sticks, but I have a friend who wanted something different( I bake from home and do chocolates to sell) so I subsituted chocolate chips with chopped dates, chopped figs and pistachio nut and then when they were cool I drizzled chocolate over them. The recipe for the chocolate chip sticks came from the Kosher Palette, page 251. They came out amazing and so easy.

    1. eat them stuffed with almonds. or smush them up with some raw tehina on a rice cake!! or put them in a blender with nuts and make little nutty date balls. i love dates. and someone said too bad its not pesach coz you could make charoset…. why wait for pesach???!!! make charoset!!
      love your site!

  2. My favorite is special date recipe is to pit the date, make a small lengthwise slit and stuff with the following: whipped mascarpone cheese, lemon juice, lemon zest, honey.
    Top with variety of walnut halves, raspberries,blueberries, strawberry fans, mint, pecan halves or more lemon zest. Have a party and make a variety. For an extra kick add your favorite liquor , such as amaretto, brandy, etc. Also excellent in yogurt with steel cut oats for a special porridge!

  3. Summer Salad : Ur favorite leafy greens, toasted walnuts, feta cheese, and those beautiful dates w/ an Orange Cinnamon Vinegrette … U can also place those dates in some Couscous , and for dessert … Date Sorbet, or Date Bread Pudding !!! Have a ball … See U N D Kitchen … Tootles >>> Poodles ;^).

  4. Right now I’m just snacking on them plain, they’re so good. I’m thinking my first dish will be date nut bread with cream cheese frosting… and I might stuff them as an appetizer for dinner with friends next week. Thanks for the creative, delicious ideas everybody!

    1. Shiksa … No fair … eating (dates) alone for now !!! As 4 the nut bread (my allergies 2 d nuts ) , w/ the frosting …. NICE !!! However, I’m afraid I would have to replace the nuts w/ seeds , or maybe my homemade granola … mmmmm … Tootles >>> Poodles ;^).

  5. At my local farmer’s market the date lady would sell these amazing bars that were just dates and walnuts, kind of like a Larabar. They were so buttery and sweet tasting I almost didn’t believe they were just the two ingredients.

    Or you could try these dairy-free, raw brownies:
    link to

  6. A simple one…Soak dates in sea salt warm water for about an hour,coconut milk white rice and caramelized red onions in Sherry,fresh shredded coconut to top and drizz remain Sherry reduction!!!

  7. Why couldn’t you incorporate chopped dates as a filling into your pie crust pin wheels or the sour cream twists? Maybe even adding some finely chopped pecans. Well, what the heck! The calorie count is already up there anyway.

  8. The best dates I ever had were purchased at Ein Gedi when we were there. I’m wondering the source of your dates. Your post reminded me of munching on those date (we bought a kilo) while lounging at the Dead Sea, and throughout our trip in Israel. ENJOY!!!

    1. Alan, they are deglet noir dates from kibbutz Neot Semadar. Snacking on dates by the Dead Sea… or floating on the water in Eilat… or down the Jordan river! I miss Israel. Sigh.

  9. You could halve those dates and fill the void with goat cheese that you’ve added your favorite herb and some cayenne pepper. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Sweet and savory!

  10. My mother always rolled them in powdered sugar for the holidays…but she’d let them sit and roll them in sugar 2-3 times so they were powdery and white!

    I think if I had them right now, I’d make a vanilla bean biscotti with dates, walnuts and maybe a wee bit of orange zest….then I’d sit back with a cup of coffee, some good friends and great conversation.

  11. Stuff them with goat cheese! And I will be buying those dates from you, my dearie, if you have them in the online store. I interviewed a man who lived in Saudi Arabia several years back and he gave me the most delish dates I have ever eaten. I’ve been searching for them ever since. Everything pales in comparison.
    Those look wonderful.

  12. Oh how beautiful! I’m sure they taste fabulous. What a wonderful treat to receive in the mail. It sure tops junk mail! Looking forward to more on your online market. :)

  13. I’ve been looking for fresh dates, here, like the ones I found in the markets in Israel. They are fleshy and moist and need to be refrigerated. Any leads?

    1. Hi Leah, these dates are the ones you’re looking for! I’m hoping to carry them in my online store, which is launching next month. We’ll be shipping them anywhere in the continental U.S. Stay tuned for details.

  14. Two great uses for our wonderful dates: Chop them and add them to any type of fresh fruit salad and they add a wonderful twist. Also, when I make Moroccan Chamin (cholent but tastes much better) I add about 10 dates and they add color and flavor.

  15. Please tell me how I can purchase dates, figs, olive oil, food products and other goods and merchandise directly from Israel.
    I belong to the Fellowship Of Christians and Jews, the Jerusalem Prayer Team and other groups who aid the nation of Israel. I want to support the Israel economy by buying foods, clothing and other items. I want to visit Israel and Jerusalem someday. Any information you could email to me would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Joe! I will be opening an online market (next week, hopefully) with lots of imports from Israel, including these dates. Subscribe to my site for more updates by entering your email in the subscription box– the box is in the upper right corner of this page (just under the menu bar).

  16. I just visited Israel a month ago and fell in love with these dates at Tamar Bakfar. Seriously, no date in the world can compare! Now I order straight from Israel, just like you!

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