Hanukkah Media Appearances 2011

I’ve got a few TV and radio appearances coming up for Hanukkah that I thought you might want to check out! Viewers in New York and Miami can tune into their local NBC and Fox networks, and I’ll also be appearing on a nationally syndicated show called Daytime.

For those outside the viewing area, I’ll be linking the videos and recording below after they air. Happy Holidays!

Weekend Today in New York on WNBC 4 – 12.18.11

Daytime Hanukkah Cooking Segment – 12.19.11

Good Day New York on Fox 5 – 12.20.11

Live Miami at 11 on NBC 6 – 12.22.11

Joan Hamburg Radio Program – 12.19.11

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  1. I’ll try and watch The Today Show tomorrow a.m. and Good Day NY on Tuesday. Would love to catch your Hannukah Demos. Good luck with them.

    1. Risa, hope you were able to catch Today in NY– it was a short one! Very tight schedule over there, lots of holiday segments. Looking forward to Fox tomorrow!

  2. Good morning, i have been glued to the tv this morning and waited for your segment, I told my family and was waiting..of course, I needed to step away and then the show was over. Yikes !!! I hope that your segment was wonderful…hopefully you will be able to post so those like me that missed the show can still view…

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