Paul McCartney Makes Mashed Potatoes

Because it’s Monday, and we all need a little cheering up at the beginning of the work week, I’m sharing my favorite cooking video in the history of cooking videos. I’m a huge Beatles fan, so imagine my delight to stumble upon this video of Paul McCartney cooking mashed potatoes.


When I first saw this video, it seemed so random that I couldn’t stop giggling. Why in the world would Paul McCartney produce a cooking video? I dug around for the answer, and found out that the reason behind it is actually quite touching. Paul produced this in 1998, a few months after his wife Linda passed away from breast cancer. The cooking segment was part of a live internet broadcast dedicated to the memory of Linda– the recipe is hers. Paul’s purpose was to reconnect with fans after Linda’s passing, and to promote her posthumous album Wide Prairie.

This video never fails to bring a smile to my face– especially the way he describes the potatoes, as “nice and fluffeh.” Beatles fans will really enjoy this bit of web history. Bon appetit, Sir Paul!

Speaking of musicians and cooking, the Beatles happen to be my favorite kitchen soundtrack. What’s your favorite Beatles song? I can only narrow it down to a top 3: Let it Be, Eleanor Rigby, and In My Life. But I could very easily make it a top 10!

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  1. Just get me wee cloth and wipe me handies… rofl…. And I am with him it tastes better the more butter you have!!! Love me spuds… lol

  2. cute but painful at times. didn’t anyone teach him to heat the milk and butter in the pan with the drained potatoes before mashing. whisking with the fork…funny.

  3. That’s one hilarious bit, watching Paul. Well, “Please, Please Me”…..all the early, mid and later songs. I am a huge fan, always have been. There really is no such “thing” as having a favorite Beatles song. They are ingrained in our lives, especially if you were born in the mid ’50s. They are a reflection of the times they were with us…and will always be with us. I real kick is walking across Abbey Road by their old EMI studio and taking video and photos of yourself and fiance crossing….barefoot of course!! Then there is the great solo work or George and John. It shows that there was some miracle and energy in place when The Beatles came together as a band in the early 60’s….even if you are an atheist.

  4. Paul plays guitar, bass, piano etc. with his hands and makes wonderful music… so I winced every time he waved that knife. Mind your fingers Paul!

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