Planning a Culinary Staycation

A food vendor in the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market near Bangkok, Thailand

With summer fast approaching, I’ve got the travel bug. I can’t help dreaming about the distant lands I’d like to visit, the restaurants I yearn to dine in, the colorful outdoor markets I’d like to browse, the exotic spices I could be tasting. Last week I was thumbing through the most recent issue of Bon Appetit – their “Travel Issue,” which features pictures and restaurant reviews from some of the most interesting culinary regions in the world. Trying new foods is my favorite part of traveling. I drooled over pictures of juicy ripe nectarines from Slovenia, freshly baked baguettes from Paris, and spicy Jerk Chicken from Jamaica. If only we all had unlimited budgets, so we could spend our lives traipsing the globe in search of the perfect meal. But times are tough, and most of us don’t have the budget for these types of extravagant culinary vacations.

The good news is, we can travel the world without leaving our kitchen. Food has the power to transport us. New flavors can tantalize our senses and ignite our imaginations. This summer, I’ll be celebrating the Culinary Staycation– traveling the globe and trying new flavors, all from my home kitchen. I’ll be sharing a few recipes each month from different countries… new ingredients, exotic flavors, exciting and mouthwatering foreign dishes. From Spain to China to India to Africa to Brazil… the culinary world is ours to be explored. All we need is a few pots and pans, some new ingredients, and an adventurous spirit!

If you were planning a Culinary Staycation, which countries would you most want to “visit” in your kitchen?

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  1. Morocco! Spain! Italy! There are so many. I love the idea of a staycation. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Great idea Tori, I always cook from all over the world and every time I travel I take home a recipe or two that stay with me.
    I am really interested right now in exploring Korean food my challenge is finding or substituting some of the ingredients that will be hard to get kosher, but I am working on it.

  3. I love staycations!! I like to “pick a country/culture” out of a bowl, then research it and look up recipes, recipes and more recipes!

    I spent last fall’s staycation in Germany; the young’un was all about everything German. Each week i would serve a different German dish or dessert

    I’ve staycationed in Northern Africa, Italy, the Caribbean, would like to spend more time in India, cotton up on that delish curry cooking

    Lookin’ forward to your staycation articles, great idea, hope others will embark on their own staycations

  4. Just came back from France; the pasteries were the only French food we found. All of the restaurants were Italian, excellent, I might add, but, not French!! How about some authentic French recipes for the staycation!

  5. Still in the airport waiting for an overdue connecting flight after spending two weeks in Turkey and Greece. The food in Istanbul was incredible and the Greek dishes (when you could find it – everything seems to be Italian here) was also very good. Dishes from either cuisine would look good to me.

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