Sukkot 2012 – My Sukkah

Every year, I post a few pictures of my Sukkot Sukkah. We’ve had a terrific time dining in the Sukkah this year; it’s such a peaceful way to reconnect with nature. I like the decorate the sukkah with autumn-inspired decor– leaves and wreaths in fall colors. You’ll notice that I set a VERY colorful table. The goblets were a birthday gift from my mom, and we break them out whenever we have a big family celebration. The kids in the family like to fight over which color they get. When setting a holiday table, I worry less about how “perfect” it looks and more about how colorful it is… I want people to feel cozy and at home when they eat here. I hope I achieved that in our sukkah!

To those of you who celebrated Sukkot this week, I hope you had a fun and meaningful holiday!

Our Sukkah

The table is set for friends and family

Don’t you love my pretty glass goblets? Thanks Mom!

Place setting. I like to use wood on the Sukkot table, it reminds me of nature.

The etrog citron!


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  1. Your table is beautiful. I love a colorful place setting too! My mom adds to our collection with every gift giving holiday. These beautiful glass dishes {} are made in my home town – colorful and reminds me of home.

  2. I love your table cloth! It’s exactly the green shade I’m looking for. Where did you get it? Check out “creative jewish mom” ‘s blog — her sukkah was really colorful this year, too!

    1. Nina, I got the tablecloth recently from Crate and Barrel. I actually got it for a TV appearance I did where I needed a green background, but I liked it so much that I ended up using it in the sukkah! :)

  3. My dear
    I just found u right before high holidays. I am 71 grandmother (Mema) to 6 and have always been a poor (lousy) cook! I raised 3 daughters who thank goodness were always health conscious so baked chicken and broccoli (my specialties ) suited them fine!!
    Now I want to really learn to feel comfy in the kitchen. You inspire me!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Chef Mema

  4. Love! How do you get your napkins to look like bows? That is fab.
    PS I made your sweet potato/zucchini soup yesterday and it was fantastic!

  5. I have never been the one to set up nice tables like this. We always bring all the dishes to serve to the table so we never had room for extra decorations. I am trying to get better at it and inject some “wow” but have a lot to learn :) I love your setting. I need something unexpected like those goblets :)

  6. Tori, I wanted to let you knw I made the grape leaves using white rice and brown rice. They were served with your Tahini Sauce and a Vegan Tzatski Sauce. They were delicious and perfect for Sukkot.

  7. Hi Tori,

    I just discovered your blog through Sonia’s blog “The Healthy Foodie” and I am thrilled! Your Sukkah looks like paradise on earth. I wish I were part of your family. I guess second best is being able to read about the food you make; how beautifully you present it; and just ‘getting to know you’ albeit virtually. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

  8. I love Sukkot, and your sukkah really incorporates the beautiful colors of Fall. I love the dishes and colorful goblets. Got to your site looking for Parve desserts – will definitely return!!!

  9. Hi Tori – your sukkot are so lovely and inviting. I am thinking of putting one up next year. could you please tell me if you like the prefab succah you have and if so what brand is it? thank you! michelle

    1. Hi Michelle! The sukkah is prefab, sold as walls and tubes with a schach, but the decorations are my own bought from local craft stores. We attached the decorations with wire. I’m not sure of the brand of the sukkah. We bought it at a local Judaica store in Los Angeles. There are many sukkah kits available online though! Just Google “sukkah kit” and you’ll run across many. :)

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