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Last week I cooked up some delish no-bake Missouri Cookies with my friend Catherine McCord. Catherine writes an awesome blog called Weelicious focused on simple, healthy recipes that even the pickiest kids will enjoy. Her new cookbook just came out, which I wrote about recently. She asked me to share a fun recipe with her for the holidays, so I decided to teach her my Aunt Pauline’s recipe for Missouri Cookies. They’re a completely stovetop cookie, no baking required. So easy, so yummy! For the recipe, click here. You can watch our demo video by clicking the play button above!

Don’t forget to check out Catherine’s awesome site Weelicious. Subscribe to her YouTube channel here, her Facebook here, and her Twitter here. You’ll love her ideas, especially if you have little ones in your home!

Recipe for Aunt Pauline’s Missouri Cookies

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  1. I have old-fashioned (not quick) oats. Can I use those as is or is some special preparation used to have them work out well in these non-bake cookies? Thanks much.

    1. Hi Alice, you can use old-fashioned oats– not the Irish style or steel cut whole oats, but the old fashioned rolled oats should work fine. They’ll be a little more chewy, but they’ll still taste great.

  2. While I strongly disagree that these are appropriate for teacher (or any) gifts – they just look and feel a bit too ‘homey’ for that, the recipe is a keeper. This is definitely an easy and somewhat ‘healthful’ treat. I keep kosher so I prefer to bake pareve dishes. To that end I subbed soy milk for milk (almond milk would be better, I think, but soy is what I had on hand) and pareve margarine for butter (next time I will try to use at least some coconut oil). I also added a little less sugar than what the recipe calls for (nut butters have plenty of that already). I think next time I will use dark brown sugar for some extra flavor. Oh, and I threw some craisins in. Definitely a ‘keeper’.

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