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I am super excited to announce that my new column with PARADE Magazine launched today! My first post is all about that classic carnival treat – Funnel Cakes. Learn the story behind this crispy, delicate, indulgent dessert. Did you know they’ve been around since medieval times? Then try a traditional (and amazing!) Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for homemade funnel cakes. Click here to read!

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  1. Have made a lot of your recipes. Crust less quiche, eggplant, orange margarita, chick pea patties. I love them all today I made the frittata. Yummy yummy. Thanks.

  2. How wonderful and exciting for you! Congrats and blessings as you continue move forward in your career doing what you love! I love your blog, stories and recipes!

  3. Congrats, so well deserved! I’ve been following your blog and recommending it to friends, including the new History in the Kitchen – the writing is great, the photos perfect. All the best!

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