So I Wrote This Sci Fi TV Show…

Tribe of the Wild

This may come as a surprise to some of you. Before I started this blog, I wrote screenplays and fiction. I was actually in the middle of working on a sci fi fantasy novel for teens when I published my first Shiksa in the Kitchen blog. I was about 150 pages into the book and battling a severe case of writer’s block. For some reason I couldn’t push through one particular chapter, no matter how hard I tried. Meanwhile, my cooking hobby had grown into a major part of my life… I was developing my own recipes, studying Jewish food history and collecting vintage cookbooks. Initially I started the blog as a way to push through the writer’s block. I challenged myself to write a few times a week, sharing my cooking journey and the recipes I’d learned along the way. Over time, I grew increasingly passionate about cooking and blogging. A small community of readers grew larger and larger. I met other fabulous bloggers like Ree Drummond and Jaden Hair who encouraged me to stick with it and hone my craft. I taught myself to take better photographs, develop more interesting and user-friendly recipes. Our cooking community grew. I launched a second site, The History Kitchen, to explore more general food history. Within two years, The Shiksa in the Kitchen grew into the most popular Jewish food blog on the web. Looking back, I am kind of shocked at how quickly it all happened. What a blessing.

During this cooking journey, I’ve never stopped nurturing the other side of my writing personality. I still love writing screenplays and fiction. Recently, I co-wrote a sci fi TV show for pre-teens called Tribe of the Wild (for more details, check out the official website here). I am super excited about this show! The pilot episode was recently funded and a month ago we started production. We wrapped on Friday, my birthday– what a great birthday gift and an amazing way to kick off Shabbat! Here is a picture of the stars of the series, a super talented group of actors who helped to make our vision come alive on the screen:

Tribe of the Wild Cast

This TV show has nothing to do with cooking, and yet it is as much a part of me as challah and blintzes. I think that sometimes in our culture, emphasis is placed on finding your one true career path– just focus on that one thing and go for it. In my life, things have never been so black and white. I am interested in many things… history, food writing, novels, screenplays, biographies, travel. I refuse to be limited. Life is too short and there is so much I want to do!

I will keep you all posted as Tribe of the Wild progresses. Meanwhile, I am still committed to blogging regularly and sharing recipes with you. With “Thanksgivukah” around the corner I’ve been deluged with comments and emails. If it’s taking me some time to respond to your particular question, I apologize. I’ve been on set all month, as well as blogging and juggling various writing deadlines related to the holiday. I am trying my best to keep up. Thank you for understanding!

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  1. Your recipes are always interesting and enticing! Of course, that means I look forward to your weekly posts. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the few TV appearances I’ve seen as well. So, you’re a great cook…a successful communicator…a very beautiful woman…and now I find out you’re into sci-fi as well?? (sigh) If only you weren’t married :)

  2. Is this for Israeli TV or US ? and if Isaeli would there be some way we could view it online ?
    Like others here I’m a scifi lover. New here (signed up for your newsletter last night) … and I love your site(s).

  3. Best of luck in your TV (ad)venture, Tori!
    Will continue to follow both Shiksa & History blogs (no teens here, so probably won’t watch the TV series, tho’).
    Happy Thanksgivukah!

  4. As a screen writer myself I applaud your success.
    Writer’s Block, Oia ! I’ve been in that space and
    came to this solution, “Stop arguing with yourself”.
    Keep a daily diary. In the evening as the Sun sets,
    pause, settle the mind’s activities and write everything
    down that happens, your thoughts, the conversations you
    have indulged in, the event or events that created an after
    thought or two…and so on.
    And, try this meditation to relax the soul:
    “My head bears the being of the resting stars.
    My beast harbors the light of the wandering stars.
    My Will lives and moves amist the elements.
    All this Am I.
    Sorry, for being so lengthy, but, that’s just me.
    Tally Ho,

  5. Tori, congratulations. You may not know I’m a full-time author and journalist with film experience over spanning the past 50 years. Producing a pilot is a monumental achievement. I’m proud to know you, even at a great distance and through the thin film of cyberspace. What a talented, energetic and irresistible spirit you are!

  6. “…Life is too short…”, you write, Tori.
    Nay, ’tis not so. Think of ‘Life’ as an empty Stew Pot.
    A Dutch Oven. The ingredients you place in the pot
    in the preparation of a rich and tasty dish is only up
    to you and your own imagination and the experiences
    of creative thought.
    A quote of D.H. Lawrence from his Croydon years as
    a teacher at Davidson Road Boys’ School. He sees a
    peach and thinks, ‘I want that peach.’ He takes the
    peach, and… I leave you with this thought. God bless.
    And, Thank you.

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