On Vacation in Miami!

Miami - May 2014. I'm on vacation! Give me your best Miami travel tips, favorite restaurants and attractions.

The view from our room.

I’m in Miami! I can hardly believe it. After a year of hard work, we are on a much-needed vacation. We’ve kind of been on overdrive for the past 11 months, so it feels really good to get away. Miami is one of my favorite places to visit. There are so many beaches and canals, you’re never too far away from the water. We try to make it out to Miami once every year or two, and it’s starting to feel like a second home to us. I love the people, the climate, the cultural diversity. This city never sleeps. I’m not exactly a night owl, but it is fun having late night dinners and taking walks down Ocean Drive, seeing all of the locals showing off their tricked-out cars to the tourists. The old art deco hotels have been renovated into beautiful boutique inns, and many of them have DJ’s that play music late into the night. Sure, there are mosquitos and the occasional humid tropical downpour. It doesn’t diminish my love for Miami. That’s why God created umbrellas and bug repellant. :)

Miami - May 2014. I'm on vacation! Give me your best Miami travel tips, favorite restaurants and attractions.

Española Way, Miami Beach

We’ve got a few local places that we’ve come to know and love… News Cafe, Española Way, Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road… but I feel like there is so much more to explore here. I’d love to hear your recommendations, including favorite restaurants, attractions, etc. I’m sure those of you who know Miami will have some fun suggestions. Restaurants don’t need to be kosher… I have a kosher section on my site out of respect for my Jewish readers, but I do not keep kosher personally. Please share your favorite places in the comments section below!

Miami - May 2014. I'm on vacation! Give me your best Miami travel tips, favorite restaurants and attractions.

Sushi Samba – Yellowtail Taquitos and a martini.

Also, I will be stopping by the BlogHer Food closing night party next weekend to say hi, so if you’re a food blogger and you’re going, please let me know!

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  1. While in Miami .. you must go to Joes on S. Collins Avenue .. (if you haven’t been already) ! It’s like stepping back in time – waiters with white dinner jackets and black pants, linen, china, crystal .. and the food is excellent !! Oh .. and a dirty martini at The Cheeky Monkey – it’s the bar in The Blue Moon Hotel .. the best dirty martini I have ever had !! The bar is quaint, as well !

  2. Yes! Lived there in the 80’s go to little Havanna and go to a coffee truck have a Cuban coffee and go to any Cuban restaurant for Arroz de con Pollo chicken in rice! And pick up loaves of cuban bread cause you cant get them anywhere thats authentic unless you go to Havanna that is!

  3. There is a place just off Lincoln Road / Blvd. near the Macys – its called Davids – they do the best cuban coffee……. like petrol……. in little shot glasses. Then you’ll be able to tackle many awake hours!!

  4. Love the places you’ve already mentioned and some of the other places in the responses. If you head towards Ft. Lauderdale, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. For some regular excellent diner food in sobe, try the 11th Street Diner at the corner of 11th and Washington.

  5. Il gabbiano is BY FAR the best italian restsurant in Miami. Truly authentic. the owner even cooks himself in plain view.

  6. Take a walk on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach especially at night. It’s a great people place packed all the time with people, great restaurants/cafes and stores. Be sure to go to Serendipity 3 for a frozen hot chocolate.

  7. The Yardbird has the best farm to table and southern fried chicken I have ever had! It was something we stumbled upon when we were down there in December!

  8. You should go to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden-it’s just beautiful and relaxing. Also right down the road from there is a quiet beach and park called Mattheson Hammocks Park. There is a restaurant called Red Fish Grill right on the premises which is very good (they even filmed a scene there in the movie “Something About Mary”). Enjoy your time there-I lived there for four years and miss it so much!

  9. A mahi-mahi sandwich on the porch or Garcia’s Restaurant on the Miami River is the perfect lunch. Try it and be delighted.

    Also for a cheap meal try Pollo Tropicale . Their chicken is the best.

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