Purim Giveaway!

Purim Giveaway - Win a Baking Set for the Holiday!

In honor of the upcoming Purim holiday, I am giving away seven awesome Jewish-themed baking sets! Each set includes a Noah’s Ark cake pan, Hebrew letter cookie cutters, Mazal Tov/L’Chaim ice molds, and a large and small silicone challah baking pan. To enter, leave a comment on this post and let me know what your favorite Jewish baked treat is. Contest ends on Sunday at 12:00am midnight Pacific time. Seven winners will be chosen at random on Monday, March 17. Be sure to leave a correct email address so we know how to contact you if you win. Good luck!


Comments were assigned numbers and winners were chosen via an online numeric randomizer. Comments were assigned a number, and the randomizer chose the winning numbers. The winners are:

33. April: “There are many–hard to pick one, but I would say Apple-Walnut Charoset! Yum!”

477. Bernadette Condesso: “Chocolate babka”

493. Kay Wall: “Challah, followed by rugelach. I have recipes for both from my former boss’s wife, whose family prepared a little cookbook of her mother’s (who I really enjoyed) favorite Jewish recipes. Her mother always made sure that I felt welcomed and comfortable at the gatherings at the synagogue (bar mitzvahs, etc.) that occurred and that I was invited to. She knew that I was not Jewish and wanted to make sure I was welcomed and comfortable and knew what to do. I love that little cookbook and, as a matter of fact, was looking at it last night, thinking about making rugelach.”

310. Trish Harris: “caramel nut rugelach”

902. Andrea Glassberg Pincus: “Passover Mandel Bread”

37. Mashugana: “My favorite is CHOLENT!”

589. Marsha Boyer: “Rugelach! My Aunt made the best!”

Thank you all for entering! I’ll be hosting another fun giveaway very soon. :)

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  1. Nothing like home made challah and home made hamantaschen. Preparing filling right now to make a huge batch. Enjoying baking and preparing with my 3 year old granddaughter. So much fun! Thanks for all your great reciepes.

  2. My family is full of some serious challah eaters and I’ve been enjoying making my own. I do miss my grandmother’s mini knishes and savory blintzes though.

  3. Haven’t had a good Poppy seed hamantaschen since my bubba passed. She made the Best!!

  4. Challah, hands down. First time I made it at home was with your recipe, and my husband (and everyone else) couldn’t stop eating!

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