Win a KitchenAid Mixer!

Celebrate the launch of with a KitchenAid mixer giveaway! #contest

Well friends, it’s official… I’ve launched a new website! Those of you who visit my sites frequently will notice that my blogs recently had a pretty major “makeover.” I’ve combined my two blogs, The Shiksa in the Kitchen and The History Kitchen, into one simple easy-to-navigate website,

I’m super excited with how it all turned out… and I’m giving away a free KitchenAid mixer to celebrate!! It’s my way of saying “thank you” for all of your support since launching the blog a few years ago. You’ve helped to grow my site into one of the most dynamic, interesting, delicious cooking communities on the web!

To enter the giveaway, simply comment below with a valid email address and let me know how you would use this KitchenAid mixer. Entering will also sign you up for my free newsletter including tasty recipes, cooking and household tips, and more! If you’re already receiving my newsletter, don’t worry, you’re still eligible. Go ahead and comment I know you’re interested in this particular giveaway… you won’t receive multiple copies of the newsletter. Winner will be chosen from the comments using a numeric randomizer.

So tell me… what will you mix up in your brand new, beautiful KitchenAid if you win??

CONTEST CLOSED. Our winner is Matthew Hudack!
Matthew’s comment was chosen by a numeric randomizer (totally random, folks!). To those who didn’t win, don’t worry. I’ll be doing many more giveaways on the new site, stay tuned!

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  1. I would make homemade pizza dough. BTW, your new site does not work on Internet Explorer for Windows Vista, but I was able to open it in Google Chrome.

    1. Lesley, thank you for letting me know. Do you know which version of those browsers you are using? The new site has been tested in both of those browsers with no issues on our end– what happens when you try to open the site? Thanks in advance for any detail you can provide.

  2. Love all your recipes especially the history kitchen! Would love to win the kitchen aid, I’m in pastry school and winning a kitchen aid would really help me start my career :)

  3. Make batters and doughs for various things…! Cakes, pizza, tortillas, brownies, list is endless..

  4. HI Tori! I’m always sharing your recipes with my daughter in Brooklyn and my two sisters in Chicago and Israel. I’d definitely spend time making breads and challah with the new miser. Not to mention all the other yummy baked goods I’ve been itching to create!

  5. Kitchen Aids are great for baked goods … I would make lots and lots of cookies and possibly try to make bread. <3

  6. I am hosting my first Rosh Hashanah dinner this year for my entire family (taking one night away from my parents). This would be very helpful to have.

  7. I love to bake, so I would bake, bake, bake with a new kitchen aid. Woot-Woot!!

  8. I have a hand mixer that I’ve been using for over 30 years!!! It would be great to come into the 21st. century and have a beautiful mixer!! Thanks, Tori.

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