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  1. More kugel recipes– yum! And some new ways to make matzo brigh. And boorekas (sp?), an Israeli friend made them for me once and they were deeeeelicious.

  2. Love enerything you’ve made so far. If you have more recipes like the ones on your blog I’ll be buying copies for my whole family! Would love a great knish recipe too.

  3. Just imagining the answer to this question is making me hungry! Let’s see. Blintzes, brisket with tzimmes, chicken schnitzel, chopped liver, and some flourless desserts for Pesach. I saw all the responses on Facebook, they made me even hungrier! Can’t wait for your cookbook!

  4. Fish recipes please! I’m growing bored of our weekly broiled salmon. I’d also like to learn a Middle Eastern cholent, our cholent is a family Polish recipe and it’s very heavy. Wondering if a Middle Eastern one would be lighter.

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