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Happy Tuesday, cooking friends!

To celebrate hitting 30,000 “likes” on Facebook, I’ve decided to thank all of my loyal readers by launching an exciting new contest this week. By popular request, this giveaway will be open to anybody and everybody who follows my site, whether or not you use Twitter or Facebook! It’s a fun one this week, folks. You’re going to want in on this!


1) SUBSCRIBE to my website. You can do this by entering your email address in the “Subscribe” box located in the upper right hand corner of my blog home page (click the underlined link to open the blog home page in a new window). When you subscribe, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Be sure to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in that email. If you’ve already subscribed to my website, no need to subscribe again– your email address is already in our database.

2) COMMENT on this blog post. Just scroll down to where it says “Leave a Reply” and let me know two things– what is your favorite Jewish food, and why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog? Make sure you comment here on my website and answer those two specific questions. Feel free to voice your support on both Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about the contest!

That’s it! The contest ends on Monday, February 7 at 12:00pm PST. Winners will be announced that afternoon.

Just follow those simple steps, and you’re entered to win one of three fabulous prizes…


Pylones Cheese Grater

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Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Melamine Bowl Set

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KitchenAid 5 Qt. Stand Mixer in Empire Red

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I’ll pick my top ten favorite entries based on the creativity of your comments. Those ten names will be placed in a hat, then drawn at random to determine the three top winners.

Best of luck to you all!

xo Tori Avey
The Shiksa in the Kitchen

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  1. My favorite Jewish food is chopped liver – made my way! I read this blog because I was the Siksa in the kitchen too! I converted shortly after the birth of our son, after several years of study. The combination of Italian and Jewish makes for some fun in the kitchen.

  2. As a fellow shiksa, I love reading your blog. I smile and nod my head, and you even make me laugh out loud sometimes.
    I love to cook , and feed my husband foods that he remembers growing up with in Toronto. I make challah, cabbage borscht, latkes, rugelach, mandel bread, shritzlach , falafels, stuffed cabbage and stuffed peppers, and jars and jars of kosher pickles. Its too hard to pick a favourite !!

  3. I was a shiksa happily married to a wonderful Jewish man for 27 years. He died, very suddenly and unexpectedly, nearly 5 years ago. Over those years, we loved to cook together and shared so much of the foods from our backgrounds. I learned to love, among my favorites, Haroset, Noodle Kugel, Latkes, and–most of all–our own homemade Challah.

    I so enjoy reading the Shiksa In the Kitchen Blog because it is, first, very enjoyable, excellent reading that addresses my interest and, secondly, because it reminds me of those happy years when I shared some of the same feelings, emotions, adventures, and joys. Thank you!!!

  4. One of the toughest questions I’ve ever had to answer! What is my favorite Jewish food? Can’t possibly choose only 1!!! I love Gribenes when making egg & onions. I adore homemade Falafel. I’ve had fantasies about a good bowl of Matzo Ball Soup! And of course, there is always the Challah… fresh with a slab of butter, or after a few days, turned into the most incredible french toast on the planet… Ok, now I’m salivating again!
    As for why I read the Shiksa blog? Where else am I going to find multiple recipes for Cholent in one place on the internet? No really… I just love reading your site.. it gives me ideas for recipes to try… your spin on things makes it a pleasure to read through your experiences. I appreciate all of your entries, especially about the holidays.
    Thanks for all you take the time to do…

  5. hi Tori!

    what is my favorite Jewish food? what a tough question!

    I love love love matzo ball soup and noodle kugel and latkes and hamentaschen and kreplach and-and-AND! BUT, if forced to choose the most tasty AND unique [and possibly unlikely] favorite, I choose gefilte fish. there is no Jewish dish that has a deeper and more interesting and more love-filled process than that of a carp to gefilte fish. out of a jar, it is mediocre at best, but homemade in the loving processed described by Barbara Cohen in her book “A Carp in the Bathtub”, it is flavorful, delicate, savory, and simply lovely!

    as for why I read this blog: I love to eat and I love to cook! my [goy] boyfriend tells me that I “live life through the mouth”, and I see a kindred spirit in you, Tori. keep up the wonderful “work!”

  6. I love the website b/c I love to cook. I am from the south, so cook traditional southern, also Thai, Indian, Italian and desserts are my very favorite! If I could be anything at all, it would be a pastry chef! (but poor me, I am a dentist instead)
    Rugelach is my favorite J food, preferably with apricots and walnuts, yum! Not sure if I am a shiksa, haha. :-) My mother’s maiden name is Jacobs, but her parents were not practicing jews and I am catholic. My jewish friends, say (as does tradition) that I am jewish and part of the tribe. One friends entire family has adopted me as part of the family and I get invited to all the Bar Mitzvahs, etc. I kind of feel like part of the tribe and strongly

  7. i love latkes,matza balls,kenishes,so many different Jewish foods its hard to decide what my favorite is..I love your website because it helps me get ideas to prepare different Jewish dishes for my family since i dont have a cookbook with these dishes in it..Thank you and also for the communications,great to hear others ideas and opinions..

  8. I just made you falafel recipe and loved it! They came out great and I will be making them again, a lot! Where I am currently living a falafel cannot be found, so I am very grateful to be able to make my own. The Israeli salad was wonderful combined with homemade hummus. Next time, I will make my own pita to do credit all the wonderful fillings. Do you have a pita recipe you like?

  9. I’m a Shiksa as well. I enjoy making Jewish food for my husband, he says my chopped liver and potato kugel are as good as his mothers!!!

  10. So many to choose from but my favorite recipe is the memory of my grandmother’s “butterball” (matzoh) soup. She made it from scratch and from ‘feel’. It was different each time, but always it was the best ever. She gave a lesson to us once, but for some reason we can only come close to her original.

    Following your blog, I always learn something new about food; hows and whys about ingredients, combinations, temperature, cookware even, and more. But mostly I enjoy your stories, of family, friends, travel and how food is a part of gathered memories whether ritual or creating anew.

    Thanks and many blessings.

  11. I like many Jewish foods, but if I were to select one it would probably be BRISKET. You appear on my FACEBOOK becaused I “Liked” yours and I am two doors from a half-Jewish grandson (whose father is all Jewish, and have another in southwest Missouri whose mother is all Jewish. I am Christian and fairly knowledgeable about Jewish history, but I like cooking, various ethnic foods, and am interested in learning more about the cultural heritage of my grandsons.

  12. My favorite Jewish food… a toss up between my homemade Challah (although I love a good brisket).

    I read this blog because I love to cook and as a nice Jewish gay boy, you love a good shiksa!

  13. My favorite food (so far) is the challah recipe in here, particularly when I can enjoy it a few days later as french toast! This one is a classic for me, incredible important and a really easy recipe. It was one of the first Jewish recipes I felt like I nailed, which has boosted my confidence incredibly.

    The challah relates to why I read this blog. My roommate stumbled upon it one day (she’s a dietician) when looking for Jewish food. We’re both dating Jewish men and are not Jewish ourselves. Her relationship is newer, but mine has grown to be better than I ever could have imagined. I’ve fallen in love and recently decided to convert. I read your blog for several reasons. First, because you too, have gone through the process of falling in love and exploring Judaism. Second, because cooking this Jewish food has brought me something I didn’t know I could have. I love the Friday afternoon routine that I go through when baking the challah. It’s meditative and I feel connected to Judaism, myself, and my significant other. This has allowed me a way “in” that makes me feel like I fit. It’s truly been a blessing!

    Thank you for this blog and congratulations on your success!

  14. I have many Jewish relatives and rely on your blog for good recipes for family gatherings. My favorite Jewish food is knocked. Knish come in lots of varieties, easily reheated and the perfect portable pocket food.

    Thanks for all the great recipes and food history.

  15. My favorite Jewish food is matzoh ball soup because it cures everything from the common cold to heartache.

    I read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog because the recipes are so great and the author is so terrific!!

  16. My favorite Jewish food has to be Latkes!! When I make them, the family comes running!! I also made your noodle kugel recipe–in a Dutch oven while camping with Boy Scouts. It was a hit!

    I first started reading your blog just because I am a “foodie” and I love the Jewish people. I stuck with it because it is so interesting and informative and just plain FUN!!

  17. Fave Jewish food is more of a meal: hot pastrami (not too lean…the fat makes it good) on rye bread (plenty of zissel) with lots of brown mustard and sauerkraut, served with plenty of pickles, cole slaw and a (diet…sorry but I’ve already gone over the day’s limit…) Dr. Brown’s cream soda.

    Why do I read the blog? I’m not a shiksa…Jewish from birth and observant too. But I’m a foodie…more importantly I’ve enjoyed watching your journey and discovery of both Judaism and Jewish food.

  18. My favorite dish is Chulent. I love to checkout your site and getting good Jewish recipes and advice !

  19. Oh my! I think my favorite Jewish food would have to be savory noodle kugels with sour cream and cottage cheese, onions, and worcestershire sauce….or a sweet, eggy challah….or matzo ball soup….or Isreali Salad (ate variations of this almost everyday last summer!). Oh, and latkes!!!! I started reading this blog after I moved in with my significant other, who is Jewish. I love being able to cook him Jewish food, although I am not Jewish (shiksa in the kitchen!). I love being able to connect to a different culture through food, and it’s a good way for me to show my significant other’s mother/grandmother (neither cook) that having a shiksa around can be a good thing!

  20. Although I am not Jewish, I’d been told by a Jewish friend that he has ‘adopted’ me, as both of my parents had passed over and he considered me an ‘orphan’. I was invited to share in dinners on special days as part of the family. I’ve since moved away but recently started dating his son.
    I love reading your blog–I was so happy to find it! Your talents go beyond the kitchen…you’re a great writer! I have always enjoyed experimenting with food from different cultures and look to your site to help bring back memories for me and my date. As for my favorite…possibly challah, although I was pretty impressed by the haroset I helped make in the past. I look forward, with your help, to finding more favorites–thank you!

  21. I come from a long line of southern Jews on my Mom’s side as well as northern Jews on my Dad’s. My Mom was brought up Orthodox and my Dad, well, my Mom would say he was just jewish enough (Reform!) I was brought up kosher -and though I didn’t appreciate it as a kid, I sure do now! My Bubbie was THE best cook ever! I would have to say that her stuffed cabbage was my favorite savory dish of hers and her honey cake was my fave sweet…after she died my Mom practiced and practiced until she made it taste just like my Bubbie’s…divine! As for my Mom’s cooking – all I can say is she takes after her Mom…delish! Her matzah stuffing for Passover is like none other (want the recipe?) and her mandel bread is ridiculously good. I’m slowly learning how to cook like my Bubbie and Mom, if I’m half as good I will be thrilled!

    I started following you because I loved the name. But I stay because you really know what you’re doing and I am learning from you. I love that you take the big recipes on. Jewish cooking is not easy and you tackle it head on and make it fun and interesting. You may be a shiksa on the outside but you’re all Jew on the inside! :)

  22. I love reading these interesting recipes from a culture that I know little about. My life partners was a Latvian Jew and I have him try some of the recipes. Its fun because my partner is a stroke survivor and therefore a one armed cook and a great one at that. Cooking these recipes like the delicious koogal9my personal fave so far) is good for his memory exercises,reconnects him with his heritage and gives this good ol southern boy some really really full bellies..Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading the histories and then having him interpret the recipes.

  23. my favorite site to teach my JEWISH wife how to cook like a Jew..

    so many of the young ones never had a bubbie to teach them..

    Thank You Tori!!!

  24. My favorite Jewish food is kishka (especially from Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles).

    I read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog because I was married to a man of Jewish heritage at one time and I miss my mother-in-law and all her delicious traditional food so I’m relearning to cook the recipes I never got from her plus a lot I’ve never tried (like cholent)

    I have shared you with so many of my friends we all feel like shiksas in the kitchen.

  25. What a great question!

    I love lots of Jewish food, my family even has dedicated cookie recipes for each holiday. With all the richness of our traditions, I still have an absolute favorite:

    Kasha Varnishkes

    I love the two textures: the pasta and the kasha. I love that it’s such an old fashioned food. I love that earthy buckwheat flavor.


  26. My favorite Jewish food is Kasha varnishkes. My only problem is that I haven’t been able to recreate the original taste I remember because I don’t use chicken fat. It really needs that.After that would probably be brisket and/or stuffed cabbage. Another –that I haven’t had since I was a child–was shlishkas. I’m the only one of my siblings who remembers them because my nanny used to make them when I was young. I thought I was making them up, but I found a recipe in Arthur Schwartz’s Jewish cook book so they are REAL!

    I love the Shiksa blog because it is both humorous and informative. I especially sent the info to my daughter who is keeping Kosher, and she has found it very helpful as well.

  27. My boyfriend of 4 years is from Israel. Growing up his mother figure was his Safta. Last April she passed away. She was a caring and loving woman. He has cherished memories of the food she used to cook for him as a child. I was looking for a cooking website that a goy like myself could get recipes from that would remind him of all the love she had for him and that’s how I found you the Shiska! My favorite Jewish/Israeli food is Jachnoon. It’s great to have on Saturdays for brunch. It’s so comforting.

  28. Matzoh ball soup is my favorite – it is easy to make and they come out perfect – for me.

    I enjoy reading about recipes and you are so cute.

  29. My favorite jewish food is apricot kuchen, I get it once a year at the Temple’s Kosher dinner. Tastes like home to me, which is nice as my family are all of blessed memory.

  30. Borscht became a favorite item when I lived in New Orleans and I determined that I would live a summer without air conditioning. Similarly, latkes are a comfort for winter, although meatballs made with farfel have brought the most questions of curiousity.

    I read FB SITK because it is going into another world, contemporary fun with respect for the traditions.

  31. I love Jewish food because it is representative of all Jews world wide incorporating the foods of each land, rich in symbols,superb in taste and simply satisfies the stomach as well as the soul.

    I so enjoy The Shiksa site and blog because it bring the recipes all together!

  32. My favorite Jewish food? If I had to pick one, it would be chopped liver. I make it once a month for my husband’s poker game and the men loooove it. But the truth is, I love it all. Veal brisket, stuffed cabbage, chicken soup, chullent, wow, it really takes me back many years, to Israel, were I walked with it to the baker’s house…. All Israeli foods (salads, fallafel, humus, eggplant, the sours, (chamutzim).

    I started reading this blog because of it’s name, The Shiksa in the Kitchen…It turns out that you’re not only a great cook with wonderful recipes, you also have good stories and HISTORY about the food. This blog is a reminder to me, of all the foods I ate in the past and all the foods that I would like to try and make. Your stories are entertaining as well as informative. I loved following you around Israel. Showing us all the good restaurants you visited as well as the sites. You’re are positive and confident person and it come through on this blog. You embrace your new identity, without forgetting your roots. (Noodles with chicken)…You write about traditions, different cultures, and customs. Keep up the good work.

  33. I love kugel…I know it’s yiddish but it’s so good when it’s fresh out of the oven.
    I just became a Shiksa in Septemeber, and have tried a couple of your recipes, yum!

  34. I love noodle kugel and latkes, chopped liver, and matzoh ball soup. I just started reading your blog because it is interesting and educational without being above my understanding. My favorite page so far has been the history of cholent. I mean, pictures AND a recipe AND history?? How sweet is that? Thanks for all the work you do here and the details, wow!

  35. How does a jewish girl pick her favorite food, Like everyone else I love Matzoh ball soup, and a good challah yummo!!!! But I think a good fresh Kosher Dill PICKLE can’t be beat. (Wolfies Miami)

    Why I read your blog…. Being raised in a jewish home I just learned how to cook by watching my mom and other women from my temple. I never knew why, I just did it. Your blog explains the why for me, the history. I enjoy your photo pictorials too! Thanks

  36. Hmmm Favorite food is Latkas, Potato pancakes, My irish Garndfather used to make them. I started reading your blog and fb page because of a love for cooking and to experience new foods. Love to try the foods of other cultures. thanks

  37. There are too many great Jewish foods to have a single favorite but I’ll have to make it my grandmothers gefilte fish. Fish balls – not flat like so many others. Brown – not pasty white like the jarred version.

    Runners-up: pastrami on rye, challah, herring/lox/smoked fish on a bagel, falafel, brisket (my mother’s), chopped liver (my grandmother’s), hamentashen, chocolate babka, mandel bread (my mother’s), Rugulach (my mother’s), perogan (my grandmother’s), kreplach (my grandmother’s), latkes.

    Suggestion: How about a recipe for home made shwarma?

    Reasons I’m a Shiksa addict (don’t tell my wife): the history of each recipe is great, your photos are amazingly clear/crisp (how do you do that?), your final plating is beautiful, and……. the food tastes great!

  38. Sitting on the balcony of my room on the cruise ship, watching the suns rays start spreading across the water while eating lox and bagels (real bagels) complete with a thin slice of onion and a thin slice of tomato. mm mm mmmmm

    I have been enjoying your food experiences while you travel. You give me more insight into the culture and flavors of Jewish food in a fun and simple fashion. And the recipes you share complete with pictures and detailed instructions are wonderful.

    Continue on with your adventures into Jewish food and culture.

  39. My favorite Jewish food to eat is sweet lokshen kugel, rich with cream cheese and raisins, warm with cinnamon and love.

    But I love to make challah, kneading the dough, smelling it as it rises, braiding it… I especially love the ritual of taking a little bit of dough and burning it in the oven. I get a thrill from participating in this homey old-fashioned gesture of gratitude that so many generations of Jewish women before me have done as well.

    I read the Shiksa because you are a good cook, a good writer, and a great observer of the best of Judaism. You make me appreciate my own heritage even more. Love you, ‘Shiksa’!

  40. My all time favorite jewish food is morrocan style salmon poached in spicy tomato sauce with green peppers.
    what is your favorite Jewish food, and why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog? I follow a recipe shared by a sephardic jewish friend and am always amazed how shared recipes strike such wonderful memories!

    I follow the Shiksa in the Kitchen because it gives me a sense of community for I too converted to Judaism after marriage. I love the heritage, culture and customs but I often find myself doing lots of research in order to pull things (festivities and meals) off naturally and with an understanding of “why.” Your research into the history and ‘why’ of things is such a wonderful and valuable resource! Thanks for being candid – it truly is refreshing to read your blog posts!

  41. My favorite food is Challah! It is so simple, yet holds so much deep meaning for our people. I have been making Challah for years now and so it’s almost become something like meditation for me!

    I read your blog because not only do you give the recipe, but you give the historical and spirtiual meaning, as well! Also, your recipes are, without a doubt, some of the most delicious on in internet! When people ask about the recipes, I just write down your blog info!

  42. Kugels…any flavor, any time…lol
    I love your site cuz I LOVE to cook. Your stuff is awesome. Thanks so much!

  43. My favorite is chicken soup with matzoh balls and then munch on the plain boiled chicken. An eastern European tradition. I enjoy the Shiksa because of the recipes. I love to cook and many of the recipes take me back to my childhood standing next to my Grandmother in the kitchen watching her produce the best food in the world. On Fridays she made Challah and sweet rolls using the Challah dough. Thanks for the memories.

  44. My favorite Jewish food is homemade matzo ball soup and challah! It may take a while to make but it’s well worth it, and my family(hubby and 3 boys) eat it up like it was going out of style!!
    We all enjoy your website because of the recipes and your insight into Jewish traditions.

  45. My favorite Jewish food would have to be Matzoh Ball Soup. The aroma of matzoh ball soup cooking brings me right back to my mom’s kitchen and the Holidays. Although, Israeli salad and latkes are a close second.

    I read the Shiksa blog because I find you very entertaining and I enjoy the recipes.

  46. I found your blog when doing research for my upcoming wedding. I am a Shiksa, and I love it. I have always had a respect for Judaism and with preparing to marry a Jewish man I am learning more then I ever thought possible and even teaching him a thing or two that he didn’t know.

    My favorite Jewish food is challah, mostly because it is so versatile, I don’t know how kosher it is but I do like making Challah french toast with a little butter, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. (now I am hungry)

  47. It’s hard to say what my fave is. Probably latkes, followed by mandel bread. I am not Jewish but my love for Jewish food came from our church(Lutheran, by the way) serving a traditional Seder.
    I love reading your blog because it gives me new ideas and reminds me of old favorites that I had forgotten about.
    Thank you!

  48. My favorite jewish food is latkes, I could eat them day or night! I read this blog because I love cooking and experimenting with different styles of food and cooking. The recipes and instructions I find here are fantastic.

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