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Happy Tuesday, cooking friends!

To celebrate hitting 30,000 “likes” on Facebook, I’ve decided to thank all of my loyal readers by launching an exciting new contest this week. By popular request, this giveaway will be open to anybody and everybody who follows my site, whether or not you use Twitter or Facebook! It’s a fun one this week, folks. You’re going to want in on this!


1) SUBSCRIBE to my website. You can do this by entering your email address in the “Subscribe” box located in the upper right hand corner of my blog home page (click the underlined link to open the blog home page in a new window). When you subscribe, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Be sure to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in that email. If you’ve already subscribed to my website, no need to subscribe again– your email address is already in our database.

2) COMMENT on this blog post. Just scroll down to where it says “Leave a Reply” and let me know two things– what is your favorite Jewish food, and why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog? Make sure you comment here on my website and answer those two specific questions. Feel free to voice your support on both Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about the contest!

That’s it! The contest ends on Monday, February 7 at 12:00pm PST. Winners will be announced that afternoon.

Just follow those simple steps, and you’re entered to win one of three fabulous prizes…


Pylones Cheese Grater

How cute is this girl?? Grate your cheese in style with help from Little Mrs. Pylones!  :)


Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Melamine Bowl Set

I adore these mixing bowls, I use them almost every day. They’re extremely durable, and they come in such pretty colors.


KitchenAid 5 Qt. Stand Mixer in Empire Red

This stand mixer is gorgeous, stunning, and amazingly functional. I have the exact same model in Pistachio Green. She’ll become your new baking BFF. I think she belongs in your kitchen. What do you think?  :)

I’ll pick my top ten favorite entries based on the creativity of your comments. Those ten names will be placed in a hat, then drawn at random to determine the three top winners.

Best of luck to you all!

xo Tori Avey
The Shiksa in the Kitchen

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  1. My favorite recipe is (so far) cholent. I enjoy this website because I love the background and history you write about before you give the recipe and the different varieties due to local produce and traditions. The pictures are great when I am making something new as well as a new ingredient I may not have seen before.

  2. Favorite is chopped liver, which runs neck and neck with bagels and lox, but only a true bagel.

    I signed up for this and follow on FB because I have been the Shiksa in the kitchen…Now gone from my life are several great Jewish men who while appreciating my cooking, longed for me to do more in their traditions.

    I am now proud to say I am a Shiksa/Italian cook. My heritage is Italian and in New York and Chambersburg, NJ the cultures mixed and shared. I have many fond memories of that mixing and crave new recipes or long forgottten classics.

    I plan to spend many happy hours continuing to improve on my recipes and reading shared memories that make me wish for home.

  3. My favorite Jewish food is Potato Knishes. I love this site because its so interesting and has wonderful Jewish traditional recipes.

  4. My Jewish Food Faves are Rugelach….all flavors….yum, yum, yum in my tum, tum. And of course…Latkes and Challah. Can’t go without these delicious and tasty treats. Like a party for my tastevbuds!

  5. CHALLAH! There is no break but Challah! lols

    As for why I follow: I am a kosher Christian is the only way I can describe it. I followed my nose and stomach around the Web til I found you, the Shiksa! Your humor and knowledge about things gustatory keep me coming back.

  6. First I need to say I love food. All types all flavors, I moved to TX from NY (some of the best kosher food ever). I was disheartened with all of the “bad restaurants” here it’s all chain.

    While I love to cook there is a limit as to what is available here so I found your blog I love your food and have started cooking some of your food. I love reading your blog and playing in the kitchen.

    Thnak you <3

  7. My favorite jewish food is brisket with potato latkes. These foods remind me of my childhood and make me smile. I love your blog because I am Jewish and love to cook! I am always looking for recipes with a jewish flavor that I can introduce to my Daughters so that the cooking traditions continue. I just love your blog!!!

  8. There are so many great Jewish foods – blintzes, kugel, rugela – but I think my favorite is just a really great loaf of challah.

    I love your blog because even though I’m Jewish, my mom converted, so I’m missing a lot of great Jewish recipes and your blog helps me fill that hole. Also, living in Texas, it’s hard to come by great Jewish food.

  9. My favorite Jewish Food, well it’s a tie between Knishes & Matzo balls! The reason I follow your blog, is because my mom died 20 yrs. ago & she made the most awesome Matzo Balls & Potato Pancakes ( Latkes) and I missed having those smells around my house! I also moved 18 yrs. ago from Brooklyn, Ny. and lord knows you can’t get a real Knish in pennsylvania!!! So I found you! & am very happy I did! Yummy! Thank you for sharing with us all!!!

  10. My favorite Jewish food would be Brisket. I love it so much. I enjoy reading your blog because you seem to really enjoy what you do.

  11. My favorite Jewish food is challah bread. i love the flavor of the bread, i love the beauty of the loaves and i love the amazing bread pudding i make with any leftovers.

    I read the blog for new ideas, new techniques and the wonderful pictures. I am not Jewish but would one day like to be, and would love to be an expert, or as close to an expert as possible, as I can be. I’ve hosted Hanukkah dinners for my friends for the last 5 years and it’s a smash. I love the identity given to Jewish foods, like there’s a reason for existence.

  12. I love your blog!! I have enjoyed reading about your discovery of Jewish food and culture. The pictures have helped me realize what my dishes should look like whe I am finished. I am a vegetarian so aome of the main meals I have modified for my family. I love dessert the best so keep those recipes coming. Thanks again for all of your hard work.


  13. I love this site – just new to it today and it is great!! My favorite Jewish food is pastrami on rye!!! I like reading the blog as is exposes me to other Jewish foods, traditions and culture. My neice is in a relationship with a great guy – Jewish – and she is known as the “family Shiksa”. I want to learn anything I can to help her. . . and pass the love along.

  14. Mmmmm….Potatoe Latkes! No, wait, Brisket — yes, Brisket! Or Matzo balls…I really love Matzo balls. But of course, Challah…really love Challah, too. Oh, well. Do I really have to pick just one?

  15. I love chicken in the pot and deli sandwiches. I enjoy this website because I remember how much I loved going to a Jewish deli with my great uncle, when I was a little girl. The deli was King Saul’s in Inglewood, CA. I live in Minnesota now and miss Jewish food, although I enjoyed a good Jewish breakfast at an interfaith service on Martin Luther King Day.

  16. One of my favorites is the cholent. I read your blog because you always teach me something I didn’t know or only knew a little about, and the recipes are fabulous, and my family loves them.

  17. My favorite Jewish food is the blintz. Sweet, savory, creamy, chunky, healthy, calorie-laden–blintze anything and I’ll eat it! Haha!

    I subscribed to this blog and your tweets because I’ve started my own Recipe Resolution food blog, so I’m trying to draw inspiration from as many foodies and chefs as I can. Keep the good stuff comin!

  18. I am not Jewish. I am a Southern Belle who loves to eat and loves to cook! I love all sorts of food, my favorite Jewish food is latkes and challah.
    Love your blog and have been dying for the Kitchen Aid mixer! Although I have to say, that little minx of a grater is pretty darn cute too!

  19. My favorite Jewish food is Challah. It’s so versatile!
    I’m hooked on reading this site because it gives me good ideas on what to make for my in-laws, and I love the organization you use in your entries.

  20. My favorite Jewish foods are everything bagels, Noodle Kugel, latkes, challah, Kosher Dill pickles and pirogies.

    I live in the South and am not Jewish. I have a number of friends that are Jewish and I love eating at their homes. For me, one of the easiest ways to learn about the history of a group of people is how they use food to communicate and celebrate.

    Being overweight, I am always looking for healthy, tasty food recipes. I saw you pop up on the Facebook page of a friend and decided to check it out.

  21. I stummbled opon your great sit while looking for traditional Jewish recipes to cook for my Husband and to impress his family ,That a gentile could match their recipes and you have taught me well .I have had a famly dinner and all were very impressed .I made brisket and Krugel (excuse me if i spell this wrong ) colipches(stuffed cabbage) So now i guess i am a true
    Shiksa many many thanks !!!! shabbot shalom

  22. Hamantaschen is my favorite by far. I have fond memories of running to a local bakery to surprise my co-workers with the treat we all loved so much that had been introduced to me by my Jewish friend, then we would all pig out and feel joyous afterwards.

    I too was once considered a shiska by the mother of a man I loved once (ha!), but other than that I read the blog because I love to cook and try new foods. I am also madly in love with Jewish culture, Israel, etc… Even though I am a Christian I still spend my Saturday mornings in Torah study at a local temple, I have to say that the Jewish culture is a very important part of my life. I think I really love the blog because it talks about my favorite thing in the entire world, food, and the time and love that goes into making it, exploring it and understanding it. I also really, really enjoy reading your travels, reviews and creative recipes that you manage to come up with (challah French toast, hello!).

    – Amanda

  23. i have been reading via facebook for a long time, i love the backround and insight and history that you add. i teach a class of fifth graders about jewish food and cooking and find that you have great ‘morsels’ that i can share with them.
    my favorite so far has been the mushroom barley soup, but the falafel is a close second…well, on a day like today in chicago….soup hits the spot!!

  24. I love matzoball soup. My Nana used to make the best! I love your blog because it keeps me in touch with my roots. I love the recipes, but more than that I love the way you provide history of the dish as well as your personal stories. The photos are very helpful as I am not the best cook in the world.

  25. My favorite Jewish foods are Matzah Brie and Chicken Noodle Soup because they bring back wonderful memories from my childhood.

    I read the Shiksa in the Kitchen blog because I love the Shiksa’s sense of humor, her excitement about foods I stopped eating (for one reason or another) years ago, and her new spin on some old recipes. I find the recipes precise, easy to follow, and delicious. Guests have been impressed with the results and are shocked to find out that the dish is kosher (or as kosher as my unkosher kitchen and pots allow it to be).

    Keep up the good work.

    PS – this is my 2nd submission today. The first one disappeared. ????

  26. Definitely challah–followed very closely by Rugelach! I read your blog because I too am a Jew-by-choice who LOVES to cook! I enjoy reading about various traditional dishes, their history, as well as learning more about you.

  27. Hmmm… my favorite Jewish food, there are so many! I will probably go with noodle kugel, with matzo ball soup and challah coming in as close seconds and thirds!

    I love reading your blog because your enthusiasm is infectious and (coming from my own mixed marriage) I enjoy the way you have embraced Judaism whole-heartedly! I also look forward to new (and easy recipes) that help me move from a Jewish mother who ‘makes reservations’ to one who ‘makes dinner’! :)

  28. I enjoy making chicken and matzo ball soup, also Love Love making Challah bread and eating it! I admit I’m not Jewish but growing up in a Jewish neighborhood in Chicago and having an other mother growing up who was my moms best friend who was Jewish…what can I say I just love a lot of Jewish foods. I thank you for adding the history and background to the Jewish foods and recipes. Now I am hungry for Challah bread with all the wonderful flavor may need to make some.

  29. My favorite is Kasha with noodles. But i’m a sucker for good Latkes. Challah is there on that list as well.
    I just happened Stumble upon your blog by accident one day while doing some research actually and have never been able to stop reading it. Love the receipes and the history.

  30. My favorite jewish food are matzo balls soup and fallafel. I like your blog because I find yummy recipies and interesting thing like history.

  31. There are so many delicious dishes this is really hard for me to decide, but I think the one that I could not live without is the tradditional stuffed cabbage soup. It is one of my all time favorites that I could never get sick of eating …….daily!

    I LOVE reading your blogs because of the recipes and the history of them. Please keep doing the wonderful job that you have been doing. Reading your blogs is a prize in its self to me.
    Im not sure how much longer I can wait for your cook book to come out.

  32. My fav food is Falafel!!!

    I am 1/2 Jewish, my father was Jewish and my mother wasnt, they werent together when i was a child so i got just bits and pieces of my Jewish background, but they were very fond memories of my Bubbi in the kitchen, i love your blog because you give your memories as well as fast and history and its an easy way for me learn and teach my children, they love when i cook one of your recipes because we went sit down to dinner i pass on the history! i am so glad you started this blog, now i am older and i want to embrace that part of my up bringing i have a wonderful place to come to!

  33. I like noodle kugle. I like your site because I am interested in cooking, recipes and different cultures. I like the way you explain things both in writing and in pictures. You are teaching others what you are learning in your new journey down a different road.

  34. I just love falafel and humus. I read Shiksa because I too am one, love the feeling of being included and the recipies are so helpful. The interesting historical facts are such a bonus. Keep up the good work. ♥

  35. I grew up in Chicago, the daughter of a great Jewish cook and while my mother did teach me to make Matzo balls and kugel and all the classics, I moved away from it myself in favor of more exotic cooking techniques. My older sister cooks the way our mother did and I knew I couldn’t compete with her amazing chicken soup.

    Then five years ago, I moved away from Chicago and my extended family to southern New Mexico. While you can get fantastic enchiladas here, nobody knows anything about Jewish cooking. I found myself longing for those tastes of my youth and started researching ways to cook the foods I could no longer get by going to my sister’s house or to the local deli. Heck, I have to drive 350 miles to Phoenix to get anything resembling a decent bagel.

    The internet brought me your blog and I’ve been reading your posts and copying your recipes. My favorite so far has been the knishes. I made both potato and meat filled and served them to my Mexican friends as “Jewish empanadas” They loved them.

    You keep writing and I’ll keep reading…and cooking.

  36. My favorite Jewish food? Umm . . . has to be all the stuff from the Sephardic world. . . any fresh, fresh salad. Think mezze.

    Here’s why I read you–your zippy writing. I come to you not so much for the recipes but more for the spunkiness of the writing . . .

    And I also read your stuff because I am interested in people who choose to be Jewish and are happy, happy in their choices but in no way untrue to the families that they grew up in.

  37. Favorite Jewish Food: Tough tie, Challah or Kugel?
    Kugel- because it is so versatile: broccoli/onion, Kugel Yerushalmi, or my amazing butterscotch kugel- a legacy from a friend who passed away. Noodles, just waiting to be made delicious and welcome in so many forms, sweet and savory.

    Challah- again, so versatile, but in my house, most welcome in pull apart (and toss) form. Faster than braiding, but mostly because my kids love it. They love watching their friends eyes pop out at our shabbat table when we say, ‘sure, just pull off what you want’! So many variations on shape and add-ons..and it is THE aroma that defines shabbat in my home.

    Why do I read your blog? Discovered you on the way to work (Sirius Radio), and I found a kindred spirit. A foodie, who isn’t making things I wouldn’t eat. Curious, and sharing all of your discoveries. Committed to finding wonderful ways to enjoy kosher eating and cooking. The blog makes me smile.

    Keep up the good work!

  38. I don’t have a website junst email. My fanorite Jewish foods are lamb and kebabs. I love couscous and mushrooms. I read Shiksha in The Kitchen for cooking ideas as I love to cook foods from all around the world.

  39. I just signed up and I’m already loving it. I’m hoping to learn a lot here……looking forward to it. If I’ve ever eaten Jewish food, I didn’t know it. I’m hoping to learn a lot of new recipes here. Oh wait, I do remember once we attended a Seder and in that Seder was the mixture of apples, walnuts and honey. I absolutely loved that and fix it often. Does that count as a Jewish food? I’m really ignorant to all of this, in case you haven’t figure that out yet. :0) I’m so excited to learn lots of new things. Expecting lots of fun!!! Have a great day!

  40. If I had to pick my favorite Jewish food it would probably be either challah or falafel (my boyfriend’s dad makes the best challah, makes shabbat even better). I am a shiksa too; love your website and can’t wait for the book to come out! I enjoy being able to cook for my boyfriend with the variety of kosher recipes on your blog, and making up my own recipes as I go along.

  41. My favorite dish that I have tried is Challah stuffing with latkes being a close second.
    I have a close friend, Rachel, who is Jewish and she complained to me that it was unusual for her to find Jewish items in this area (Mi.). I took this as a challenge. I started looking for things everywhere I went. It has gotten so that I can spot things quicker than she can! I was looking for a good Kugel receipt when I stumbled over your site on facebook. I thought it was great that you gave many different variations of it. Then I started reading your story and I was hooked! I think you and your blog are great. I introduced your site to my friend and her Mother, who is trying to convert me, and they loved it! Thank you for sharing your story and life with us:)

  42. Thanks to your recipes and blog, kugel has become a new favorite in our home.

    I enjoy your blog because I love how you meld a sense of tradition with modern (and nutritious) food. It makes me feel connected to a bigger world and history of a people.

  43. I so want that mixer! I’ve just started baking and could really use one of those because I can’t afford to buy one right now!

  44. Since ’94 I have been teaching our young people the holidays/feast that Jesus would have celebrated. I am always on the look out for new and authentic recipes. Your blog has been heaven sent!! Choosing a favorite ohh that is sooo much harder. I fell in love with Challah and falafel while visiting Israel. I love the smell, texture and taste of fresh baked Challah ( so does the family) haven’t mastered the braiding yet.
    Thank you so much for the history and insight!

  45. I love your blog because I love jewish food. I love to cook and you always seem to come up with a fresh perspective on old classics.My favorite is simply a good chicken soup. Nothing makes me feel better.

  46. My favorite Jewish food would have to be noodle kugle (spelled right?). Also latkes. I admit, I don’t know much about Jewish cuisine being an Italian Catholic. However, I did recreate the Last Supper last year and relied heavily on Jewish traditions for Passover using the Horoseth, matzos, bitter herbs, etc. I didn’t do the lamb, so we had talapia and falafel instead. I also baked a very interesting Torta del Re which is an almond cake created by Roman Jews.

    I love to cook and any new and interesting ethnic dishes interest me. My sister found your facebook page and sent it to me. I love it!

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