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Happy Tuesday, cooking friends!

To celebrate hitting 30,000 “likes” on Facebook, I’ve decided to thank all of my loyal readers by launching an exciting new contest this week. By popular request, this giveaway will be open to anybody and everybody who follows my site, whether or not you use Twitter or Facebook! It’s a fun one this week, folks. You’re going to want in on this!


1) SUBSCRIBE to my website. You can do this by entering your email address in the “Subscribe” box located in the upper right hand corner of my blog home page (click the underlined link to open the blog home page in a new window). When you subscribe, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Be sure to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in that email. If you’ve already subscribed to my website, no need to subscribe again– your email address is already in our database.

2) COMMENT on this blog post. Just scroll down to where it says “Leave a Reply” and let me know two things– what is your favorite Jewish food, and why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog? Make sure you comment here on my website and answer those two specific questions. Feel free to voice your support on both Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about the contest!

That’s it! The contest ends on Monday, February 7 at 12:00pm PST. Winners will be announced that afternoon.

Just follow those simple steps, and you’re entered to win one of three fabulous prizes…


Pylones Cheese Grater

How cute is this girl?? Grate your cheese in style with help from Little Mrs. Pylones!  :)


Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Melamine Bowl Set

I adore these mixing bowls, I use them almost every day. They’re extremely durable, and they come in such pretty colors.


KitchenAid 5 Qt. Stand Mixer in Empire Red

This stand mixer is gorgeous, stunning, and amazingly functional. I have the exact same model in Pistachio Green. She’ll become your new baking BFF. I think she belongs in your kitchen. What do you think?  :)

I’ll pick my top ten favorite entries based on the creativity of your comments. Those ten names will be placed in a hat, then drawn at random to determine the three top winners.

Best of luck to you all!

xo Tori Avey
The Shiksa in the Kitchen

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  1. what is your favorite Jewish food- challa bread, which I can’t find around here so I learned to make it.
    why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog?- I read lots of food blogs and really like this one. I didn’t know I was a shiksa, I just thought I was a methodist that likes Jewish food!

  2. I subscribe to your website because my husband is Jewish and I am not and I wanted to become more familiar with the foods and customs. So far what I have tasted of Jewish food that would be considered a favorite is Borscht. Definitely have never had anything like it!

  3. sweet potato latkas………. any reason to have sour cream and apple sauce with a vessel is the the best reason………. lox , tomatoe, cream cheese, and capers with thin sliced red onion is perfection!!!!!!!!!!! I love to check out this site to get my mind out of rutts and to focus me towards a new way of Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what should I make for dinner this week ? Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!…… P.S. anything slow braised warms my soul….. I need it now! living on the north shore of Boston

  4. Hi!,

    Matzo Ball Soup made me a Shiksa from the first time I ate it, long before I had heard of J Date. I read your blog because I too am a big ole Shiksa making my way in NYC, and trying to please my man’s family with your advice and recipe’s! (The Sephardic Charoset Truffles got me major points last Passover!)
    I kept telling people that I had to have big balls to go to Passover Seder.
    So as I try to bake and cook my way into there hearts, please know that that Kitchen Aid Mixer would do wonders in my life and kitchen ;)

  5. I LOVE your Blog! You inspire me Daily- and I’m not even Jewish :-) Your passion for the culture as well as the food is addicting! And BOY would I LOVE to win the kitchen goodies you always have up for grabs :-)

  6. My favorite food is handsup White Fish. I love Kinishes, Blintzers, Lox etc. but I must have my White Fish. I love it so much that I have it shipped to where I live. Tracking down good Chubs or White Fish that is fresh is a hard task!!! But I went online and had it shipped to me from Zabar’s in Manhattan. I tried a few other locations to order from because of the cost. So it is always good to shop around and get the best price possible and the best fish as well. Whereas to have it shipped cost more then the fish. But I have to remember how much I love and enjoy eating a good whitefish. Then I say, it was worth the price!!

  7. Hi Tori,
    My favorite Jewish food…that’s a tough one considering I am just now exploring! I’d have to say I love brisket and kugel. I found your blog one day while searching for Jewish recipes and heritage. I’m not a Shiksa and I’m not Jewish; rather, I am a Christian who supports God’s Chosen People. You bring the fascinating culture and food alive with wit and grace. Thank you!

  8. My favorite Jewish food is latkes, followed closely by Matzo ball soup. I love to cook, and so I read the blog so I can find new and better recipes for the the foods I grew up eating. I also enjoy the lessons on history and culture that accompany your posts.

  9. my families fav. is Matzo ball soup! And of course who can resist challah bread??? I read and follow you on FB because I am not of the Jewish faith and I am curious to learn different dishes.

  10. My favorite J. food is gefilte fish. I enjoy your blog for the clear easy to read recipes and the beautiful pictures.

  11. Hi!! I love your blog….I have learned to make things beyond the basic Matzoh Ball Soup and Latkes. I have had Jewish Cookbooks passed on by my grandmothers sitting on my kitchen counter and I have rarely expcept maybe at Passover opened up one. Now I am once a week trying something from there…as well as making some of your recipes as well. Thank you!!!

  12. My favorite Jewish food is challah. (In New York City, they sell whole wheat ones!)

    I read the Shiksa blog because it makes me feel good to know that a young woman has embraced our culture – particularly our culinary culture – and has decided to join our tribe – a tribe that is shrinking because of intermarriage and assimilation. It takes a special and a self-confident person to convert to such an unpopular religion as Judaism. Bravo – and mazel tov!

  13. Hrm – My favorite Jewish food may be noodle kugle. So bad for your body, but so good for the soul! I absolutely love your blog. I myself am a shiksa, and quickly learned the importance of food in the Jewish culture. Unfortunately, my grandmother-in-law was the main chef of the family and passed away about 10 years ago. My mother-in-law, while an amazing woman, makes most of her food from boxes. As a good Irish Catholic girl, potato latkes (or any potatoes) from a box are just not acceptable ;-) I became kind of the family chef from then on. I have learned a lot of techniques on my own with some success (and some massive failures) When I found your blog, I couldn’t help but identify with you and LOVED the warmth of your stories and writing. Your recipes are even better. Thank you for adding to the bounty of my family’s table. Shalom!

  14. All time favorite food is sweet and sour cabbage soup. I have fond memories of both my grandmother & mother making it on cold winter days. I now carry on the tradition with my family.

  15. I love your blog and subscribed a few weeks ago. My favorite Jewish food, at this point, is probably challah bread. I am learning about Jewish cooking and love your recipes as well as the history you share with each.

  16. Realized I did not mention why I read your blog. Growing up in a Jewish home, there were many recipes that were not passed down and when family members passed, so did their recipes. I have been able to find quite a few recipes on this site that I remember fondly from my childhood. Once again, sweet and sour cabbage soup is an all time favorite

  17. Hi Tori – I have a cheese grater, a set of different sized mixing bowls and a Cuisinart stand mixer, so this time I’ll leave the prizes to someone who needs them – please don’t choose me as a winner! However, I wanted to tell you that my favorite Jewish food is anything my mom and her sister used to cook. I read your blog because I want to cook and learn more about the food of my childhood so that I can pass these traditions on to my own kids. The history and anecdotes you provide enrich the food experience. Thanks for everything!

  18. So many favorites…but I think my all time favorite is matzo ball soup.

    I follow your blog because I love to cook and am always interested in making something new and interesting. I also like to read recipes for ingredients and see what others cook and eat.

  19. My favorite Jewish food hmm that is hard I like a few things like bagels, lox, cream cheese, Challah bread made into french toast, latkas, brisket, mandel bread and humantash. I am not a Shiksa but I am Jewish however I have been called a Jack-Jew because I am clueless about my own religion & heritage. I saw this site on a friends facebook page and checked it out and thought it was cool and since I have mastered the art of cooking for my husbands culture its about time to master my own culture and learn a few things I didn’t learn growing up.

  20. I am also a Shiksa. I converted in 1970. I follow your blog because I love to cook and am always looking for new recipes, including recipes for Jewish food to prepare for my family. My grandchildren love helping me cook the traditional recipes and they LOVE eating ” special Jewish food”. My favorite Jewish food is blintzes with sour cream and the kids beg for it. Please continue to bring us wonderful recipes and a fresh insight on Jewish cooking and life.

  21. I had the pleasure of growing up in a Jewish neighborhood (Borough Park, Brooklyn), my parents are from Puerto Rico however till this day people still think I’m Jewish. I have many friends that are Jewish, my neighbors and a good co-worker. My first job was for this Jewish family and the grandmother would make the best Matzo ball soup in the world, and chopped live on crackers our of this world & potatoe pancakes & cheese Blinztes & the Brisket…oh my word I can go on forever. My co-workers mother sends me food all the time. I love the culture because they are really about family, the bond they have is like any other culture I have seen. Why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog because you are funny and bring back many memories and the recipes? I’m glad I found you on Facebook.

  22. I love kosher pickles. They are hard to find in Townsend MA… but I stop by a deli in CT on the way to my daughter’s home … I find I visit her often :) I read your blog to get old time recipes…. since my nana passed I miss the real old time food. Keep up the good work… I hope to win third prize I LOVE the grater.

  23. I LOVE me a good Noodle Kugel, with just the right touch of sweetness, creaminess, raisins, and something crunchy on top!

    My mom actually got me hooked on your blog, she came across it while searching for a recipe for Shakshuka (YUM- it turned out delicious and we’ve made it a staple in our house for brunches!). I’ve loved reading the background and history behind all of the Jewish foods I love, and discovering some new ones. Keep on bloggin!

  24. I love making and eating chicken matzo ball soup on cold wintery days as well as the holidays. I love your postings on fb they are informative and funny

  25. Latkas win hands down followed by Matzo Ball Soup. I grew up watching Mrs. Goldberg and my interest in Jewish Food started which years later led me to The Shiksa Blog :)

  26. My favorite Kosher food has to be kugel- especially the one made by a good friends teenage daughter, Lily. Delicious :) I also love Hamantaschen.

    Why I read your blog-for so many reasons. I am in the process of converting, wanting to learn to cook and just love all the wonderful dishes here, and I find reading your blog funny and insightful.

  27. I think my favorite Jewish food is latkes, especially those sweet potato ones. :) I read your blog because I love to cook and I love to try different ethnic foods. I am not Jewish or connected to anyone Jewish, but I do like the food! :)

  28. I love blintzes, lox/cream cheese & real bagels, NOT commercially made P_nn_e_a! God has a reason to bringing Christians to love Jewish food too. My father taught us to bless all Jewish people. To Israel last month & a special 35 yrs +Jewish friend Mazel Tov to cooking friends all over!

  29. I love Challah bread. Although I don’t cook often, I love to read your blog for the recipes and to remember all the great food and times from my childhood, with all the family around the dinner table during the holidays!

  30. My favorite Jewish food is challah, and I Love using it for french toast! I read this blog because of the food (obviously) and the history and enthusiasm presented. It makes me smile, and teaches me something new.

  31. My most recent favorite Jewish food is the cabbage soup I made for dinner tonight. Lots of other veggies and shredded cabbage with tomato and veg broth base. I added some sweet (stevia) and sour salts to make it taste like my mom’s used to. Yum

  32. I have to say that my favorite Jewish food is challah bread, cholent, and the Seven Species muffins you showcased earlier in the blog. I’m not Jewish, but since I’ve been exploring your blog and ruminating on the ideas behind the food and what it all represents, I’m feeling very…Shika-inclined! :D

    I follow your blog for many reasons. First, I saw an interesting recipe from something, probably I’ve been reading your posts for some now, a few months, and have tried out more than a few recipes. Each time I feel a little more…connected, you know? There’s something in me that stirs when I think on the reasons behind Jewish food, and I remember vividly one Friday night I had watched a beautiful documentary on Jerusalem while (fittingly) eating from a loaf of challah bread, entirely by happenstance. Something felt just wholly right about the situation, about the interconnectedness. Basically, I follow your blog to feed the inner shiksa in me :)

  33. It’s hard to say what my favorite Jewish food is – there are so many! Nothing beats a fresh, warm challah or a NY bagel with lox and a schmear. There are favorite holiday foods we rarely eat any other time of the year so they are always special … chopped liver, stuffed cabbage, latkes (w/sour cream, please and not the low fat stuff!). Can I go on?

    I enjoy the Shiksa blog because it often offers new twists on classic recipes and generally with a heart warming story. I recently made the Yemenite chicken soup and it was great and I enjoyed the history lesson of the Yemeni Jews.

    I was the shiksa that married a “good Jewish boy”. I used to be concerned what others thought of me in that way. Now, I embrace being a good shiksa and love the Jewish life my husband have made with our daughters and couldn’t have been more proud to stand on the beema with them for their b’nei mitzvah.

  34. I was really intrigued by your site~ my mom is a Sephardic Jew although we are Christians. Her great-grandparents met in Spain and later moved to Puerto Rico….so I am now really just beginning to explore this side of our culture. I spent an hour reading various articles and recipes on your site.

  35. My fav Jewish food is bagels, lox, cream cheese, and tomatoes. Break the fast is always the best with that, but I could eat that anytime. I read your blog because I love the recipes. One of these days I am going to make one of them. My mother would be so proud!

  36. My favorite Jewish food is Flunken. I lived in Miami my whole life until college and Flunken was easy to find in our local stores. Now I live in North Florida and they have no idea what it is? My mother used to make it for the family and it melted in your mouth, she has recently passed and no recipe was found to direct me to making this wonderful dish. I use your blog as my inspiration on finding wonderful foods to make for my family to enjoy. Being separated from Jewish families where I live , your blog enables me to reconnect with my heritage.

  37. My favorite Jewish food is the kind my Jewish friends always used to have for Passover. Namely, the Passover food that tried to be non-Passover food: Matzo lasagna, matzo chocolate chip cookies, and matzo with melted butter and cinnamon/sugar. I am not Jewish, but all of my best friends growing up were, and I loved rotating between their houses and learning about all of their family traditions!

    I like your blog because I am getting into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and am always looking for new recipe ideas to surprise my pre-hubby with :)

  38. I AM a shiksa; married to a nice Jewish boy for 11 years now. He has introduced me to some wonderful food; although I have always loved bagels, now I am a devotee of kugel, matzoh ball soup (I do make mean matzoh balls, if I do say so myself!) and latkes. I have his father’s recipe for latke’s; they are absolutely the best I have ever eaten!! I read your blog because I love learning about my husbands cultural heritage — and, I LOVE to cook (and eat)!

  39. My favorite Jewish food would have to be latkes. I don’t think anyone can pass up on fried potatoes.
    As for why I read the Shiksa Blog, it’s really a wonderful place. I’ve learned more from this blog than I have in most of my classes throughout my life. The history presented is both intriguing and delicious, considering it’s mostly about food! The ideals presented by The Shiksa are exactly what I think food should be about. Bringing in family and culture, definitely stressing on family, captures hearts and stomachs alike. I’m not Jewish, and I’d never been introduced to any Jewish customs or food, and now that I’ve found The Shiksa Blog, I’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world. My taste buds, stomach, and brain are all thankful to Tori and what she’s done for the Jewish culture.

    Also, she’s really one gorgeous Shiksa!

  40. What is your favorite Jewish food: Latkes – I love them! Really enjoyed the sweet potato version, too!

    Why do you read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog: It is inspiring! Great to see old favorites, sometimes with a new twist. And I love the “slice of life” stories woven into the recipies.

  41. My most favoritest Jewish food is…. Hamentaschen! The first time I made these for Purim, I had to stop myself from eating all of that delicious filling by the spoonfuls! I almost didn’t have enough for my cookies! (I made a fig w/walnuts and lime juice.)
    I follow The Shiksa Blog because I enjoy reading about Jewish culture and learning more about the traditions behind the festivals & food. You bring a fresh perspective to our table!

  42. My favorite food would probably be matzo ball soup! And I read because I’m a shiksa as well! My boyfriend of two years is Jewish and I’m always interested in learning about the food and holidays and traditions, since as a non-denominationally raised (whoa, is that a phrase?) christian kid, I really didn’t have many “traditions” outside of decorating a tree.

    So your site helps me learn a bit more, without constantly bothering him with questions, though I think he enjoys it more than he lets on, and enjoys correcting my pronunciation of Hebrew words, since I tend to forget that a lot of them are phlegmy sounding.

  43. My favorite food food is Matzo Ball soup ! yummy
    I love your blog because you give us everything needed to learn to cook great Jewish recipes, and you give us so much information that is relevant to understanding the culture.
    Thank you thank you!

  44. My favorite food is kasha varnishkas, for two reasons: one, because it was my husband’s favorite food when he was 5 and my grandmother made the best recipe of it I’ve ever had. I read the blog, because I’m trying to get back to my Jewish cooking routes, which my mother has helped start, but I always like a new twist on things and you’ve got that!

  45. My favorite Jewish food – cheese blintz (from Nestor’s Deli in Boca Raton, FL).
    I read The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog because I am Jewish and find it interesting.

    Keep up the great work!

  46. i am relatively new to your blog but i too am a shiksa and i love to cook, which is what brings me to your blog. my favorite Jewish food is the stewed fruit my husband’s family serves on Rosh Hashannah. Second to that is my MIL’s chopped liver, but since she no longer makes it from scratch, it’s been demoted to number 2 on my list.

  47. Latkes! I love them with some sour cream on the side.
    I read your blog because I really enjoy learning about about different cultures and traditions. I can’t think of a better way of this than through food.

  48. Love the website and blog–and the great recipes! I hope you keep enjoying this journey because it is my favourite online share site.

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