Contest Giveaway – Zabar’s Babka and Rugelach Crate

CONTEST CLOSED – the winner of the Zabar’s Babka and Rugelach Crate, chosen by an online randomizer, is Linsy Leon! Here is her comment:

Zabar – Liked! The Shiksa – Liked! My favorite holiday food are the anise flavored sugar cookies my mom’s moroccan family makes for every holiday and shabbat. so simple yet so addictive! i also love the baklava my step mom makes on occasion. that sticky sweetness is amazing. -Linzy

Thank you to all who entered, we will post another contest soon!


My friends at Zabar’s, our favorite landmark New York gourmet superstore, are offering my readers another chance to win a fabulous food prize! To celebrate the holiday season and all things delicious, Zabar’s has put together a tasty prize, indeed…

Babka & Rugelach Crate (Kosher)

A classic gift with timeless treats. Babka (from the Russian word for “grandmother”) is made by folding and twisting layers of amazing chocolate into delicious, rich dough. Rugelach means “little twist” in Yiddish, and we’ve twisted ours around aromatic cinnamon. We load up our reusable “Zabar’s is NY” wooden crate with a Zabar’s chocolate babka, Zabar’s cinnamon rugelach, a Zabar’s chocolate bar, a pound of Zabar’s Special Blend vacuum packed coffee, a Zabar’s coffee mug, a Zabar’s coffee scoop, and instructions on brewing the perfect cup. Part of Zabar’s Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets, and Gift Crates Collection.

How awesome is that?? Mmmmm, babka. It’s easy to enter!


Step 1Leave a comment here on this blog post (below) and let me know what your favorite holiday food is.

Step 2: If you want to enter the contest twice, “Like” Zabar’s on Facebook and The Shiksa on Facebook– just let us know in your comment that you have liked both pages, and we’ll enter you in the contest again! With all of the special Facebook promotions and in-store offers Zabar’s has planned for the holidays, you won’t want to miss out!

When you enter, your email address will be subscribed to the newsletter, which means you’ll receive their weekly emails with free recipes and special promotions. (If you’re already a subscriber, no problem– just let us know and we will verify!).

A winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. Contest starts today and ends on Friday at 5:00 PST. While you’re waiting to find out who the winner is, be sure to check out for their amazing selection of holiday gifts and treats.

Please note that this prize can only be shipped within the US, and we cannot ship to P.O. boxes, A.P.O.s, or F.P.O.s. Prize may be shipped after the holidays depending on Zabar’s shipping schedule. Winner will be notified via email and announced on my website as well as Zabar’s blog. Good luck!

Please do not comment on this post, as we are no longer accepting entries. 

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  1. I just recieved a small basket of goodies from Zabar’s on Broadway as a gift, and the Cinnamon ruegala is to die for! I live in Dutchess county and think this store has a lot of great things! I have liked both pages on facebook and would love to win some more grat treats!! Thanks soo much!

  2. No question about it, for Chanukkah it has to be latkes. My Mom’s tzimmes is always a favorite at any holiday….carrots, sweet potatoes on the bottom, potato kugel with more chunks of sweet potato on top. YUM!

    I also “like”d Zabar’s and your site on Facebook.

  3. My favorite Food is Latkes! I am having a Latkes party for the first day of Chanukah. I can’t wait to eat all the different flavors and try out one of your recipes!


  4. I don’t like waiting until the holidays to enjoy my favorite foods…I enjoy them all year long! However, I bake more during the holidays than usual, so I guess fresh out of the oven cookies would be my favorite! (I “liked” both pages)

  5. What I love (and miss the most) are my Baba’s pierogi. She made potato and cheese, saurkraut, and prune. Her dough was light, fillings made from scratch. No belly bombers from her! Love ya and miss ya Baba…

  6. My Bubbe and my Mom were the best cooks, I just wish they wrote down their recipes. I come close but not exactly like theirs. I do have a lemon something recipe my Bubbe wrote in Yiddish, because she didn’t know English, but I don’t know Yiddish. And now that I said that I will have to search the house for it, which could take a while because I have a Brain Tumor, so my memory is even worse than it was when I just had a bad memory, lol!

  7. My favorite holiday food Crostoli cookies. A tradional italian cookie. Fried and then you add lots of honey and walnuts. A perfect cookie for Hanukkah as well!!

  8. I love, love, love potato latkes. I simply “doctor-up” store bought boxes, follow the directions on the box and add a little onion salt and defrosted frozen shredded potatoes. Fry in some canola oil and drain on clean brown grocery store bags. Viola! Just like “from scratch” without having to grate the potatoes! I’m making 200 of them for this year! I set up a “Latke Bar.” Using my old Salton hot tray to keep the latkes warm, I set out about 6 assorted toppings; applesauce, cinnamon applesauce, salsa, sour cream, caviar, even guacamole! And added this year will be some hot sliced corned beef and Russian dressing, as someone said latkes instead of rye bread make the very best sandwiches!

  9. Favorite Holiday foods? (which holidays??). I think nearly all of them. Rugelach and Potato Latkes are good… Matzo brie is good. Babka is good. Matzo ball soup is good. Pumpkin pie is good. It’s all good – especially when shared with family!!

    I liked both Zabar’s and your blog on FB.

  10. “Liked” both sites and voted for you, too. Favorite “holiday” food is Fried Matzoh (only once a year). Love your blog and recipes!

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