Fig Tree in My Front Yard

Fig Tree in my Front Yard

I have a big, beautiful fig tree in my front yard that is teeming with fresh fruit right now. When the figs first started appearing about a month ago, a squirrel living in our yard would devour the ripe ones before I had a chance to pick them. Now that we’re in the thick of fig season, the squirrel can’t keep up, and there is plenty of fruit to go around.

Fig Tree in my Front Yard

Fresh figs, when fully ripe, are like candy to me. They’re sweet and juicy and honey-like, not to mention incredibly beautiful. In the past I’ve stuffed them, topped warm gooey cheese with them, grilled them, made jams with them and sprinkled them on salads. Now I’m looking for more yummy ideas.

What are your favorite ways to prepare fresh figs? Do you prefer them raw or cooked? Please share your ideas in the comments below!


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  1. OH THE MEMORIES! My grandfather actually grew in very large fruit bearing fig tree in his MICHIGAN greenhouse (unheard of!) so I grew up eating figs…the land was eventually sold and the greenhouse fig tree an all were demolished by the new buyer. I will never again take this lovely fruit for granted (in the Midwest it comes along infrequently and can be pricey) CHERISH each savory bite…and ENJOY.

  2. Hi!!
    2 cuts on the bottom crosslike but not till the top, fill with blue cheese (or any other you like) and roast them on a hot pan.

  3. My all time favorite way of fixing figs is to butterfly them and stuff them with a teaspoon of gorgonzola and a walnut, close, wrap in prosciutto and bake until sizzly, about 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees.

  4. There is a great recipe that I have. It is not kosher, but delicious. Stuff the fig with goat cheese and wrap the fig in proscuitto and roast. The outside is crispy and delicious and the inside is gooey and sweet!

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