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Dark Chocolate Mint Leaves

Edible Aphrodisiacs

Learn about the history of foods that are historically described as aphrodisiacs, and try recipes inspired by these culinary aphrodisiacs.

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Spiced Up Turkey Burgers on #healthy #grilling #recipe #4thofjuly

Top 25 of 2013

Celebrate the new year with Tori Avey’s Top 25 Recipes and Posts for 2013!

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Tribe of the Wild Cast

So I Wrote This Sci Fi TV Show…

This may come as a surprise to some of you. Before I started this blog, I wrote screenplays and fiction. I was actually in the middle of working on a sci fi fantasy novel for teens when I published my first Shiksa in the Kitchen blog. I was about 150 pages into the book and …

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Funnel Cakes on

New Column on

I’ve launched a new food history column on where I share food history, vintage recipes, old fashioned cooking tips and more.

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Tea and Challah Purim Basket

How to Make a Mishloach Manot

Learn how to make a Mishloach Manot basket for Purim. Includes 4 examples of beautiful and classy baskets to give to loved ones, as charity or tzedakah.

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