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Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Chicken and Waffles

Learn to make classic Chicken and Waffles with crispy, crunchy, flavorful Southern fried chicken and fluffy waffles. Easy kosher modification.

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Mediterannean Olive Chicken

Mediterranean Olive Chicken

Healthy marinated roast chicken recipe with Mediterranean marinade – green olives, lime, honey, garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes. Kosher, Meat

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Tilly's Pastelles - Sephardic Meat Hand Pies

Tilly’s Pastelles

A Sephardic recipe from Greg Henry’s new cookbook, Savory Pies – Meat hand pies with egg, parsley, and herbs sprinkled with sesame seeds. Kosher

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Tori Avey's Top 25 of 2013

Chicken Chickpea Stew

Chicken Chickpea Stew, a healthy, savory stew recipe with dark meat chicken, schmaltz, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, carrots, spices. Kosher, Tagine.

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15 Delish Memorial Day Weekend Recipes by Tori Avey

Black-Eyed Pea Burgers

Black-eyed pea burgers with smoked paprika, shallots, carrots, garlic, panko breadcrumbs, herbs and spices. Easy affordable vegetarian entree. Kosher.

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Smoked Salmon Crostini Recipe

Smoked Salmon Crostini

Recipe for Smoked Salmon Crostini appetizer with a light Greek yogurt cream cheese spread, fresh dill, and capers. Kosher, Dairy, Holiday

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Broccoli Pesto Pasta Recipe

Broccoli Pesto Pasta

This simple recipe is made with pasta, pesto, and steamed broccoli. Healthy meal in under 20 minutes. Dairy, Vegan, Gluten Free options. Kosher

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Holiday Sugar Cookies

Holiday Sugar Cookies

Learn to make tender crisp delicious sugar cookies – a perfect blank slate for decorating. Includes tutorials for royal icing and decorating.

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Royal Icing Recipe

Royal Icing

Learn to make Royal Icing for Sugar Cookies with meringue powder, powdered sugar, flavoring and food coloring. Kosher, holiday cookies, Hanukkah.

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