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Victoria's Favorite Pikelets - Old Fashioned Recipe for Edwardian Tea-Time Pancakes from Sharon Biggs Waller on The History Kitchen

Victoria’s Favorite Pikelets

Posted in: Baked Goods and Brunch Fare

Old Fashioned Recipe for Edwardian Tea-Time Pancakes, known as Pikelets, from Sharon Biggs Waller’s historical novel A Mad Wicked Folly.

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Coffee Mocha Pudding Pie - Vintage Recipe for a Simple No-Bake Dessert with Coffee Ice Cream, Pudding and a Chocolate Cookie Crust

Coffee Mocha Pudding Pie

Posted in: Dairy

Coffee Mocha Pudding Icebox Pie – vintage recipe for a simple no-bake dessert with coffee ice cream, pudding and a chocolate cookie crust.

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