About Our Suppliers

The Shiksa Market is stocked by gourmet suppliers from all over the world. Hand-picked for their unique, hard-to-find products, all Shiksa Market suppliers share our commitment to culinary quality. For a food product to be carried by The Shiksa Market, Tori must personally taste-test and approve it.
  • Aunt Berta’s

    The taste of yesteryear, today – that’s the secret of Aunt Berta’s Specialty Foods. Twist open a jar. Open a package. Inhale the tantalizing scent and close your eyes. What do you see? Steam swirling out of simmering pots while… Read More

  • Beit Yitzhak

    Nestled in the picturesque Beit Yitzhak moshav (farming community) in Israel’s Sharon Valley, Natural Products Beit Yitzhak is a family business that has been producing award-winning specialty food products since 1993. They stand out in their field for the quality… Read More

  • Eena Kadeena

    Eena Kadeena is a dedicated gluten free baking company providing products so delicious you won’t believe they are gluten free! EK creates kosher gluten free, dairy free, corn free & soy free Baking Mixes Eena Kadeena was founded by a… Read More

  • Gideon Spring Honey From The Win Harod Apiary

    The Ein Harod Apiary was established 80 years ago in Kibbutz Ein Harod, located in the Jezreel valley near Harod spring, the biblical site of Gideon’s spring.
 The product line of the Ein Harod Apiary, marketed under the brand names… Read More

  • Hadiklaim (Delilah’s)

    Hadiklaim is a cooperative, founded in 1982, which brings together Israel’s 
leading date growers. Some of their members are relatively large cooperative farms
 known as kibbutzim. Others are small or medium-sized private growers, often family-run
 businesses that have been date… Read More

  • Halutza

    Halutza’s distinct award winning flavor is derived from the ideal combination of the hot desert sun, cool evenings, pollution-free air, and the salty brackish water. Halutza’s modern olive groves started some 50 years ago, with the heroic conquering of the… Read More

  • Tishbi

    The Tishbi family’s romance with grapes and wine began in 1882 when the present generation’s great-grandparents were commissioned by Baron Edmond de Rothschild to plant the first modern wine grape vineyards in Israel. Set near Zichron Yaacov, at the foot… Read More