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  1. Sharlyne Berger says

    I live in Cleveland and even though different delis try to be like a Zabar’s nothing comes even close. So sad!

  2. Skip says

    Chocolate Babka is the most delicious snack. Reminds me of my early years and local bakeries in Dorchester/Mattapan, MA.

  3. Jill F says

    When I lived in NYC, I used to love their belly lox and get a pound of coffee
    I really like the look of your site. Nice pics, easy to navigate

  4. Margaret Silver-Fairchild says

    Zabar’s makes the best Jewish rye bread in the Universe but I also love their bagels & nova and rugelach!

  5. laura says

    my grandmother emigrated to mexico in the ’40’s from europe and could not get anything by mail from the rest of the world that had not been pilfered during shipping. every time any of us would go down to visit, her standing order was something from zabars. mostly pickled smoked fish in the early days and then as the company branched out we would take other goodies. although she could and did create ‘wonderful exotic, to us, food items, she truly enjoyed having fine food items on hand that she herself did not have to produce. since her death in the late 80’s, i had completly forgotten about zabars until i read this post. thank you for this blast from the past.

  6. Julie P. says

    I have fond memories of my friend introducing me to Zabar’s over 25 years ago. It was all about the great coffee we could buy there.

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