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  1. Carmel says

    5 stars
    Made these for the first time tonight…. Wow they are amazing!!!!
    Everyone raved about them. I am always searching for easy tasty vegan recipes, this one is definitely a keeper.
    Thank you.

  2. Gwen says

    5 stars
    OMG these schnitzels are so amazing! I volunteer at a wildlife shelter, here in Australia. The beautiful lady who runs it made it for us, as a thank you. She put the schnitzels in a bread roll with mayonnaise, or aïoli, and lettuce. It was so delicious!

  3. Rachel says

    5 stars
    This was delicious and I plan to make for Chanukah. Since my frying pans will be tied up with latkes, I’m asking:

    Has anyone made this in the air fryer? What’s your suggestion on time and temperature. Any other tips?

  4. Hayley says

    What sort of hot sauce did you use? I have a few varieties, sriracha, Frank’s red hot sauce, and tabasco.

  5. Mitzi says

    5 stars
    Thank you so much. Sometimes vegans just need something crispy fried. My family really enjoyed these. Great, straight-forward, easy to follow recipe.

  6. Deb says

    Is there a way to pre cook these the day before and reheat the next day and have them stay crispy? Want to make them for a pot luck brunch

    • Tori Avey says

      Well, you can make them and reheat, but they’re much better freshly fried. If you must reheat them, I would do so in a 350 degree oven until they crisp up. But honestly, it wouldn’t be my first choice as a make-ahead dish. If you do try it let us know how it worked out!

  7. Sharon V. says

    5 stars
    These were unbelievably delicious and so easy to make! We couldn’t get enough of them. I’m going to try them in my air-fryer next time. This recipe will definitely be in regular rotation in our household. Thank you!

  8. Bonnie Baron says

    5 stars
    Easy and delicious. Now I’m going to try the recipe with sweet potato slices, green beans, and carrots.

    Several people have asked about baking instead of frying. I baked a few mushrooms, and the results were lackluster

  9. Chris4446 says

    5 stars
    Life changing. I just made these in my air-fryer. Amazing!!! I now need to run to the store as we are having a Superbowl Party tomorrow and I need to serve these. Thanks for this recipe, I can see a variety of things that could use this breading.

  10. Christine says

    5 stars
    PHENOMENAL not only in taste and CRUNCH but also in how the coating clings and fries up perfectly. I used my T-Fal fryer and set the temperature to the recommended setting. And I also added chicken tenders to the mix-same batter but sprinkled a bit of smoked paprika and other seasoning AKA the Chicken bites recipe Tori has posted elsewhere.

  11. Jodie says

    5 stars
    My family absolutely loved these mushrooms. Only my daughter is vegan so I crumbed the mushroom snitzel first, then I crumbed thinly sliced chicken breast snitzels and cooked them in different pans.

    As I did not have any cayenne pepper, I used some morrocan spice in its place. In place of the hot sauce I used some extraordinarily hot Japanese red chilli paste. I also added Nutritional yeast flakes to the Panko and sesame crumb mix. They were very yummy!!! My daughter said they were like something you could order in a really nice vegan restaurant. I think the mushrooms were far tastier than the chicken, but both were really lovely done with the batter and crumb mix. Thank you so much for the idea!

  12. Joan says

    5 stars
    This is absolutely killer. One of the best recipes ever. Dangerously good. I didn’t change a thing, except added a squeeze of lemon and a chipotle mayo sauce for dipping.

  13. Marq says

    Schnitzel was originally from Italy, it was not called schnitzel of course. It was called colleta, something. I always thought it was from Austria, or perhaps Germany as well. But watching a Rick Steins program where he traveled to Austria the woman from some restaurant told the story from which it originated.

  14. Kim says

    5 stars
    I’ve cooked this twice and it’s been a hit both times! Incredibly tasty, and surprisingly straightforward to make. Thanks so much for the recipe!

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