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Mediterranean Desserts

A beautiful Mediterranean dessert made with fresh fruit and drizzled sauce, topped with fresh mint, on a white plate.Mediterranean desserts rely on healthy whole food ingredients and natural flavors. They provide a touch of sweetness without adding lots of calories. As a result, desserts in the Mediterranean offer a refreshing counterpoint to a savory meal.

Sweets with nutritional value take center stage, such as those featuring fresh fruit and nuts. And nearly always a bit of healthy fat is included, providing balance for any sugar carbs that may be present. Indeed, the Mediterranean diet is all about balanced eating. Desserts are no exception.

Typically Mediterranean desserts are seasonal. You’ll often find desserts featuring ripe and fresh ingredients from the markets. As a result, most desserts are made from fresh fruit that is currently in season. Apple desserts are popular in winter. So are citrus dishes with orange, lemon, lime, and tangerine. Likewise, berries take center stage in spring. In summer, stone fruit like apricots and cherries are prevalent. Fresh melon also makes a wonderful dessert. Fall brings pomegranates and dates.

Many Mediterranean desserts also feature nuts, like baked foods with nut flours, or quick breads with walnuts and pecans. Some baked goods also include olive oil. Healthy fats are encouraged in the Mediterranean diet. Nutritionally speaking, that’s a good thing. When you’re consuming sweets or sugar carbs, having a healthy fat in the mix can help to keep blood sugar from spiking too rapidly.

In this collection, you’ll find recipes balanced, healthy desserts that are sure to end your meal on a sweet note!