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Mediterranean Breakfast

Mediterranean breakfasts rely on healthy whole food ingredients and natural flavors, with a boost of protein to help you start your day with energy.

Ingredients with protein and nutritional value take center stage, such as those featuring eggs, cheese, and greens. And nearly always a bit of healthy fat is included, providing balance for any sugar carbs that may be present. Indeed, the Mediterranean diet is all about balanced eating.

Typically Mediterranean breakfast recipes are seasonal. You’ll often find breakfasts featuring ripe and fresh ingredients from the markets. As a result, most breakfasts fresh fruit and vegetables that are currently in season. Kale, broccoli, and cruciferous vegetables are popular in winter. So are citrus dishes with orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Likewise, berries, asparagus, and spinach take center stage in spring. In summer, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and stone fruit are prevalent. Fall brings pomegranates, dates, and apples. All dishes in the Mediterranean tend to be colorful and fresh and it’s not uncommon to see salad served with breakfast.

Healthy fats are encouraged in the Mediterranean diet. Nutritionally speaking, that’s a good thing. When you’re consuming sweets or sugar carbs, having a healthy fat in the mix can help to keep blood sugar from spiking too rapidly. And a nice balance of sweet and savory is always welcome at the Mediterranean breakfast table.

In this collection, you’ll find some unique, sweet, and savory Mediterranean breakfasts. They’re sure to start your day on a healthy and satisfying note!