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Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

A lemony Middle Eastern tabbouleh salad with made with healthy gluten free quinoa, fresh parsley and mint. Vegan and kosher for Passover.

Spicy Jalapeño Hummus

Healthy green vegan mezze recipe. Lighter, zesty alternative to guacamole. Serve with pita chips, bread or crudités

Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

Defy expectations with these juicy, flavorful, and healthy Mediterranean turkey burgers! With fresh herbs and a delicious blend of spices, they pair perfectly with allRead More

How to Roast Beets

Recipe, photo and video tutorial for roasting beetroot. Simple oven method using gear you already have in your kitchen!

Romantic Summer Picnic Date

Romantic Summer Picnic Date from contributor Brenda Ponnay My friend Brenda shares the simple joy of a summer picnic with us this week. I am inRead More

Lemon Pasta Salad

Fresh lemon, olives, roasted tomatoes, basil, chickpeas, feta cheese, and crushed red pepper flakes take this pasta salad to the next level.

Raspberry Cream Soda Float

Raspberry Cream Soda Float – treat yourself to this tasty ice cream float made with fresh raspberries and raspberry syrup.

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