Hummus Baked Vegan Moussaka

A crave-worthy vegan casserole with layers of flavorful roasted vegetables, a lentil-mushroom filling, and a delectable baked hummus topping.

Vanilla Noodle Kugel

Made with noodles, pudding, cream cheese and a crunchy cookie topping, this vanilla-scented kugel is perfect for brunches, potlucks and holiday gatherings.

Autumn Sweet Potato Soup

Flavorful vegan African-inspired soup recipe with yams, zucchini, tomatoes, and spices. Peanut butter adds protein and an unexpected, creamy flavor.

Seasonal Recipes

Roasted Eggplant Yogurt Dip

Flame roasted eggplant with Greek yogurt or labneh, roasted garlic, and tahini. A creamy, healthy and delectable dip.

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