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Quick Pickles on #Jewish #recipe

Quick Pickles

Posted in: Appetizers

Recipe for salty, crunchy kosher dill pickles in a simple salt and vinegar brine. Easy fast method for great pickles with homemade pickling spice

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Food on Alcatraz - Cinnamon Sugar Cookies on The History Kitchen #vintage #recipe #history

Food on Alcatraz – Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Posted in: Baked Goods and Brunch Fare

Alcatraz was a harsh prison, but it had pretty great food. Learn about the community living on Alcatraz and try a vintage recipe from the island.

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Chocolate Icebox Pie on The History Kitchen #vintage #recipe

Chocolate Icebox Pie

Posted in: Dairy

Learn to make Chocolate Icebox Pie topped with whipped cream and nuts from the vintage 1950’s cookbook, Recipes from Old Virginia. Kosher, Dairy

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