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The Passover Potluck

The Passover recipes in this collection were submitted to my site as part of an annual online event called The Passover Potluck. I hosted this event for a few years, inviting fellow food-loving friends to share recipes that are kosher for Passover. The idea was to gather people from different backgrounds and “break matzo” together, in the spirit of cultural sharing. While they are not my personal recipes, most of them have been tried by readers throughout the years. You can read the comments on each recipe for feedback or cooking advice.

Please note that quinoa and spices like cumin and coriander may appear here; if you consider these items kitniyot, check ingredients carefully.

Learn more about the holiday here: What is Passover?

Explore more ideas for the Jewish Passover holiday on my Passover Recipes page. There you can find collections for a variety of special dietary concerns. You can also learn what foods are kosher for Passover, how to make Passover crafts, and more.