Recipe Submission Guidelines

By checking the “I Agree” box, I declare that the article and/or recipe submitted to is original and that I, as author or coauthor, hold the entire exclusive copyright of the material. If the material is not original, I will clearly note the original source of the material in my submission. If the material is original, I hereby transfer to author Tori Avey all rights, including subsidiary rights, for the article and/or recipe. I am hereby relinquishing to Tori Avey all control over this material, including the rights to use this material in her blog and/or cookbook publications, to make or authorize reprints, and/or to reproduce the material in other journals, magazines, books, websites and all other electronic and digital media.

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I agree that my name, likeness and biographical material, including affiliations, may be used in connection with and promotion of the work. I will receive no monetary return from Tori Avey for the use of this material. I understand that there is no guarantee my material will be used or published.

I hereby certify and represent that I have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect thereof and, intending to be legally bound, submit my original material willingly to Tori Avey and