Passover Finger Puppets – The Ten Plagues

Brenda Ponnay, author of the Secret Agent Josephine blog, is a regular contributor to Her craft blogs are kid and family friendly; each project will help children learn the deeper meaning of the Jewish holidays. Today’s craft: Passover Finger Puppets – The Ten Plagues

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets

So, you’re gearing up to cook the Seder and you have a house full of kidlets yearning to be entertained. What’s a busy Seder cook to do?

Print out these Ten Plagues Finger Puppets, that’s what! The Ten Plagues is one of the most exciting parts of the Passover Seder for children. Kids love acting out the plagues, and these finger puppets are just the thing to get them involved and learning more about the Passover story. Print them out, cut them out, tape the small tabs together to fit snugly on little fingers, and voila! You’ve got ten little plagues of wiggly fun.

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets Supplies

Here is what you’ll need:

1. Printable Finger Puppets – files below

Full Color Puppets:
(click file name to print – they may take a minute to load)

Ten Plagues Finger Puppets Printable 1

Ten Plagues Finger Puppets Printable 2

Coloring Sheet Puppets:
(click file name to print –  they may take a minute to load)

Ten Plagues Finger Puppets Printable Coloring Sheet 1

Ten Plagues Finger Puppets Printable Coloring Sheet 2

2. Scissors

3. Double-stick tape or glue

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 2

While you’re cutting these out or letting your children cut them out, teach them about the plagues finger by finger. Here is a description of the plagues if you need a refresher…

The Ten Plagues

The Jewish Ancient Israelites are enslaved in Egypt. Moses and Aaron come before the Pharaoh multiple times. They demand in the name of God, “Let My people go, so that they may serve Me in the wilderness.”

Pharaoh repeatedly refuses their demands. Aaron’s staff turns into a snake and swallows the magic sticks of the Egyptian sorcerers. Even when faced with this example of God’s power, Pharaoh refuses to let the Jewish slaves go. Moses warns the Pharoah that God will smite Egypt. Pharaoh is stubborn. As a result, God casts ten plagues upon the Egyptians. When faced with the horror of each plague, Pharaoh promises to let the Ancient Israelites go. Each time the plague stops, he takes back his promise and holds the Jews captive. As a result, another plague befalls the Egyptians… then another, then another.

1.  Water to Blood. In this plague, Aaron strikes the Nile river with his staff, and the river turns to blood.

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 3

2. Frogs. Egypt is overrun by frogs. The Nile teems with them. Frogs swarm the land.

3. Lice. Terrible lice infest both Egyptians and their animals. Itchy!

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 4

4. Wild Animals. Hordes of vicious wild animals invade Egypt. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 5

5. Death of Livestock. Cattle and other domestic animals are struck down.

6. Boils. Painful bumps, known as boils, grow on the skin of the Egyptians.

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 6

7. Hail and thunder. Devastating storms of fire and ice rain down on the Egyptians.

After the seventh plague, the Egyptians beg their Pharoah to let the Jews go. When Moses warns Pharaoh of another plague to come, Pharaoh offers to let the Israelite men go, as long as the women and children stay behind. Moses refuses. He says: “We must all go, men women and children, cattle and herds.” Pharaoh once again refuses. The eighth plague descends.

8. Locusts. A swarm of locusts devour the crops of the countryside.

9. Darkness. A terrible, thick darkness descends on the land of Egypt.

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 7

The Ancient Israelites are told to bring an offering to God. For every Israelite home, a lamb or goat kid is slaughtered, and its blood sprinkled on the doorposts of every Israelite home. This indicates that God should pass over these homes when the last, terrible final plague comes. The roasted meat of the paschal offering is eaten that night together with matzo (bread that has not yet risen) and bitter herbs. Then the final plague arrives.

10. Death of the firstborn. The firstborn of every Egyptian family is killed.

Your kids will learn about the plagues as they play with their finger puppets. They can even act out the plagues using the puppets during the Seder!

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 9

If you’d like to prolong the fun, print out the coloring sheet versions of the puppets (linked at the beginning of this blog) and have children color their own!

Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 10

This is a great way to get kids engaged in the story of Passover and the Ten Plagues.

To learn more about the Jewish holiday of Passover, click here.

For more Passover craft ideas, click here.

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  1. The puppets are adorable, but I do have a question. Where did the wild animals come from? The fourth plague was not wild animals but swarms of insects. I would not give out a craft to my children that was not Biblically correct.

    1. The ancient biblical Hebrew/Aramaic is translated and interpreted in various ways. In Jewish tradition, the fourth plague is usually described as “wild animals,” though it may have been a mixture of insects and wild beasts. Here are two articles with more information on the subject:

      link to

      link to

      Rest assured, the term “wild animals” is just as biblically correct as “swarms of insects.”

    1. Thanks Alli! I can’t take all the credit here… a reader asked me to make finger puppets for Passover in response to the Purim finger puppets I posted last month. Brenda Ponnay at Secret Agent Josephine is the graphic artist who designed these, she helps to design all of the crafts on my site. She’s amazing. :)

  2. These are so much fun. I’m not sure if my 2 year old will leave them on his fingers for long, but my 30 year old brother in law is going to love them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are so great! I printed them out yesterday and my 9 year old and I cut them out and put them together. He put the number of the plague on the backside of the puppet. Should be very cute at the seder! BTW – I love your blog. Just found it through a friend on Facebook. I am trying the coconut/chocolate pavlova later this afternoon. Wish me luck!

  4. This is such a terrific idea! I’ve never really been a “crafter,” but these look kind of fool proof. Can’t wait to try these out for our second seder! Now back to those Sephardic Charoset Truffles :) Happy Passover!

  5. Shalom! I have a question for you. My husband is jewish on his mums side, but their family doesn’t really honor these times. I believe I have Jewish roots (but not sure where). We are also an active duty military family and I try so hard for our children, my husband and I to celebrate all the times Hashem told us to, yet I feel so bad because I have no idea where to start or how to do these things…do you have any resources, links, anything to help me?? :) we still are trying to find a synagogue to attend and just feel left out :/
    Thank you for your help and love your page! xx

    1. Hi Ashley! You may want to check out the Jewish Outreach Institute, they have a lot of helpful programs for people who are new to Judaism and observing the traditions. Here’s their site link: link to Contact them for more information. Good luck!

  6. thanks for sharing I have some questions. who is Moses, why he is asking slaves to be set free and what happened after the last plague and did Moses succeed?

    1. Talia, based on your question it sounds like you are looking for help with your homework… try the assigned reading or ask your teacher for help! 😉

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