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  1. Cherianne says

    5 stars
    Great recipe! My son likes it as thick as possible to not seem “weak” or watered down, so I used a cup of cashews, a little honey and the salt…put it through my nut milk bag and almost no pulp whatsoever! He really likes it, thank you!

  2. Monica says

    I’m looking forward to trying this recipe !
    You can also use the pulp by putting it in the dehydrater for flour !

  3. Betsy Bowen says

    Straining cashew milk is purely optional (although love the suggestion of eating the pulp like pudding). Well blended, with maple syrup and nutmeg added, it’s a fresh,creamy cold drink that’s especially satisfying after strenuous exercise. Nearly every time I open the fridge, I see the jar and have a slug. Wonderful on a fresh fruit salad.

  4. Vicky says

    Made this recipe this morning – soaked the cashews overnight, last night. It came out great! I used a Medjool date for sweetening and added the vanilla and the salt. Blended really well in my Vitamix. Makes a really creamy milk. I’ll make this again!

  5. susan says

    5 stars
    Hi I have just made the cashew milk which looks and tastes delicious.
    Just wondering what the serving size your nutritional information is based on?

  6. Joseph says

    If you let the unstrained “milk” sit for a while, do the solids sink to the bottom? If so, it might be possible to decant the particulate free upper part rather than filtering…

    Conversely, it seems like French press coffee pot might do a decent job of filtering out the solids…?


    Definitely gonna try this regardless.

  7. Casey G says

    5 stars
    This is my new favorite thing to blend up!!!! So good and so easy! Thank you VERY much for making this easy recipe available to us all!!! Also experimenting with adding stuff to it I found that 2 tsp of organic cocoa and 1-1.5 dates makes a nice thick chocolatey treat 😀

  8. Sophie G. says

    This is great! I used 3 cups of water to 3/4 cups of cashews, and added a 7oz package of coconut manna, then used a nut milk bag to strain the entire thing – great coconut/cashew milk blend.
    I turned half the batch into a coffee creamer by adding one teaspoon of organic sunflower lecithin (natural emulsifier), and 1/8 teaspoon of organic xanthum gum. Perfect “half & half” type consistency and didn’t separate in coffee.

    • Ashley at ToriAvey.com says

      Hi Sophie, Tori’s assistant Ashley here. Thanks for sharing this info with us!!

    • Bonnir says

      What does the xanthum gum do?
      I make cashew creamer all the time, is there any way to stop it from sinking to the bottom of my coffee cup?

  9. Jason W says

    I went searching on how to make Cashew Milk… I used to make it all the time many years ago, but I forgot how. I do know this; I never soaked the cashews (okay maybe that is a good idea) and I never strained it either. Why would you strain the cashew milk? The pulp must be beneficial and I do see there is other ways to use for the pulp.

    • Ashley at ToriAvey.com says

      Hi Jason, Tori’s assistant Ashley here. If you don’t strain the cashew milk it would be quite quite thick and clumpy with the pulp, making it difficult to drink.

  10. Anna says

    Thanks for the great recipe! Do you have a good idea for how to use the pulp? I.E. Raw dehydrator crackers or anything like that. Can the pulp be dried and used in GF/Paleo as a flour substitute? Would love to hear your favorite pulp uses…..thanks!

    • Jay Berryl says

      I went looking this morning for a recipe of roasted red pepper, roasted garlic spread to serve with our Sunday bread. The recipe I found included soaked cashews and cashew milk. Then I found this recipe for milk and at the end I found at how i’ m using the paste instead of the soaked, then blended cashews. This perfect, thanks.

  11. JK says

    Thanks for this recipe. It’s delicious! I did a cleanse a while ago that included cashew milk, so I’ve been looking for a good recipe to duplicate it, and this is it!
    One question… I see you say that it has a shelf life of 3-4 days. I had some in my fridge for a week and it still tasted great. Is that okay to use?
    Jill 🙂

    • Ashley at ToriAvey.com says

      Hi JK, Tori’s assistant Ashley here. Store bought nut milks have a longer shelf life, but if you’re making it at home it won’t last as long because it doesn’t contain any preservatives.

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