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  1. Terry says

    Hi Tori, I am not Jewish but I grew up with a Jewish friend and her family. I just love all cultural foods and Jewish dishes have been a staple for many years. Her Mom was full jewish and her Dad was Irish Catholic, so it was a beautiful mix in that household. The one thing in that house was that no pork was ever allowed and most everything was kosher. But Holidays were celebrated on both sides, so their kids grew up experiencing everything as did I luckily. (I was there most everyday, over-nights, dinners, you name it lol). But I have found some scrumptious additions here and can’t wait to give them a go, especially the sweet potato latke and this sweet potato coconut chremslach! My mouth is watering just thinking about it 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    • Tori Avey says

      Garam masala is an Indian spice blend. It is becoming more popular now, and should be found at most specialty markets– even Target carries the blend. If you are celebrating Ashkenazi Passover you may want to check ingredients, as garam masala usually contains cardamom, which some Ashkenazi Jews consider kitniyot.

  2. Alison says

    These look delicious. Can they be made ahead and frozen? Is there a way to ensure that they turn out perfectly if I so choose to do this?

    • Ashley at ToriAvey.com says

      Hi Allison, Tori’s assistant Ashley here. You can freeze these for a few weeks if you need to make them far ahead. Fry them and drain the oil, then place them in single layers separated by wax or parchment paper in an airtight sealed freezer bag or Tupperware. When ready to reheat, place them straight from the freezer onto ungreased cookie sheets and cook them 400 degrees F for 10-15 minutes till heated through and crisp. You can also line the cookie sheets with brown paper to help soak up some of the excess oil. Never refrigerate, it makes them mushy.

  3. Cassandra says

    I substituted ground flax soaked in hot water for eggs, and unsoaked flax meal for the matzo. That makes them gluten-free and lower carb. I also used leftover tsimmes that no one seemed interested in eating, left out the sugar to compensate for the dried fruit, and fried them in coconut oil. Next time I’m going to try baking them in the oven on a non-stick sheet.

  4. Tovia says

    4 stars
    Shalom! I’ve just discovered your blog…looks like there are so may tasty meals to try. I look forward to trying your pumpkin challah recipe- yum!

  5. Meryl says

    I can’t believe you mentioned bubbelahs, my mom made them. I get the same reaction when I ask people if they know what taylech is??!!!LOL

  6. Barbara Erdman says

    Definitely will have to try these! 🙂 Sweet potatoes and yams are one of my favorites. thanx and have a Happy Thanksgiving

    • Tori Avey says

      They ARE yummy. I ate far too many last week, and I’m planning to make them again for Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday everybody! 🙂

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