Purim Finger Puppets

Brenda Ponnay, author of the Secret Agent Josephine blog, is a regular contributor to ToriAvey.com. Her craft blogs are kid and family friendly; each project will help children learn the deeper meaning of the Jewish holidays. Today’s craft:  Purim Finger Puppets

Here’s an easy and educational Purim craft that won’t make a mess or tie your hands in knots. No glitter, no hot glue gun, no paste… just a simple printable that you can cut out, tape together, and play with! Simple as that. These Purim Finger Puppets will help your child learn the story of Purim in a fun and engaging way.

You will need the following items to complete this craft:

1. Purim Finger Puppet Printable (links below)

2. Scissors

3. Double-stick tape

There are two printables for this craft. One is full color, so all you need to do is cut the puppets out and assemble them. The other is a coloring sheet, so kids can get more involved by coloring the puppets themselves before assembling. Both options are fun. The coloring version will get kids more involved in the craft. Click the links below and print out the sheet you like best, then you can get started!

Purim Finger Puppets Full Color Printable

Purim Finger Puppets Coloring Sheet Printable

Have your kids color in the characters if you’re using the Coloring Sheet Printable.

Cut the puppets out and tape them using the double-stick tape so that they’ll fit snugly on the fingers.

You can also stand them up on a tabletop.

Share the story of Purim with your children. Have them use the finger puppets to act out each scene of the story.

For a printable, simple retelling of the Purim story and an explanation of the holiday, click below:

The Story of Purim

Let the puppet show begin! Make sure you have your noisemakers ready when the villainous Haman comes onstage.

Sorry, Haman. Sometimes the bad guys get crinkled up. It happens.

What a fun way to celebrate Purim! You can add these printables to a Purim Mishloach Manot basket, share them with your Hebrew school, or just set them aside for a rainy day activity. It’s a simple and colorful way to help kids understand the meaning behind the holiday.

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    1. Hi Julianne, the links are in red, just above the picture of the little girl (Brenda’s daughter “Bug”) coloring. Click on the link and a PDF will load. It may take a little time to load, give it a few seconds. If you still have problems please let me know!

  1. We did the “color your own” version and our kids loved them!
    By any chance do you have Passover finger puppets planned? I’ve been searching for Passover activities & crafts, and in particular finger puppets our kids can make.

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