Blood Orange and Rosemary Cocktail – The Bloody Rose

A blood orange and rosemary cocktail… doesn’t the idea of it just make your mouth water? This one is inspired by blood oranges, which happen to be in season right now. They can be a little bit difficult to find, but they’re definitely worth the effort. I absolutely adore blood orange juice, it adds a unique citrus flavor and gorgeous color to cocktails and sauces. I found mine at Whole Foods; your local farmer’s market may also stock them. Here, my friend Ashley and I infused simple syrup with fresh rosemary for a sweet and herby flavor (click here to learn how). We used the homemade infused syrup (which is super easy to make) and combined it with fresh blood orange juice, vodka, and club soda to create a crisp and refreshing seasonal drink. I served it at my most recent Shabbat dinner to some friends, and they flipped. It’s a subtly sweet, crisp, and aromatic. You can add more rosemary simple syrup to sweeten it further, if desired.

I wanted to come up with a fun cocktail name for this one, since it’s so unique. I thought about calling it “Esther’s Revenge” in honor of Purim… it seemed appropriate, given that vibrant red color… but eventually settled on “The Bloody Rose,” which was more descriptive. Note to self: the process of coming up with cocktail names is much easier when you are sipping on said cocktail.

I’ve also supplied an alcohol-free “mocktail” variation below for non-drinkers. Happy President’s Day!

Gluten Free Note: this cocktail is gluten free if you use a certified GF vodka made from potatoes.

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Blood Orange and Rosemary Cocktail - The Bloody Rose


  • 4 oz club soda
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 2 oz freshly squeezed blood orange juice
  • 1/2 oz rosemary infused simple syrup, or more to taste (to learn how to make infused simple syrup, click here)
  • Ice
  • Sprig of fresh rosemary for garnish (optional)

You will also need

  • A cocktail shaker with strainer
Total Time: 5 Minutes
Servings: 1
  • Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in club soda, vodka, blood orange juice and rosemary syrup. Stir. Add additional simple syrup to taste for added sweetness, if desired. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary (optional).
  • Note: If you are having difficulty finding blood oranges, you can substitute regular freshly squeezed orange juice or 6 oz San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) Sparkling water for both the blood oranges and the club soda.
  • Mocktail variations: omit the vodka and double the amount of rosemary simple syrup. Add more simple syrup to taste, if desired. Use San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa sparkling water for the club soda and blood orange juice, if blood oranges are difficult to find. You can also substitute 7-Up or Sprite for the club soda, to make it a sweeter drink.


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  1. Excellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 stars
    Actually these oranges are readily available here (central europe) and I loove them, indeed they make an especially delicious juice.

    Great recipe, I wonder if it’ll be good minus the vodka as I’m not a big alcohol fan.

    ps, these oranges make a delicious sorbet as well :)

    1. Hi Prag! If you’re omitting the vodka, follow the “mocktail” instructions on the recipe, as it will need a bit more simple syrup to give it a kick. Blood orange sorbet sounds delightful. Enjoy!

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