Passover Recipe Ideas from Tasty Kitchen

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The Shiksa’s Passover Potluck is a unique annual online event. I’ve invited my friends, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to share recipes that are kosher for Passover. My goals are simple– to foster mutual understanding between different cultures, to introduce you to my foodie friends, and to share yummy recipes and cooking ideas for Passover! To learn more about the Passover holiday, click here.

Passover Potluck 2013 is generously sponsored by Idaho Potatoes.

I am thrilled to share one of my very favorite sites on the web with you as part of our Passover Potluck. Ree Drummond, otherwise known as The Pioneer Woman, founded a fabulous recipe sharing site called Tasty Kitchen. Ree and her sister Betsy work together on the site, sharing delicious recipes from talented food bloggers around the web. I adore both Ree and Betsy, they are two of the most thoughtful, genuine gals in the food blogging world. Ree’s blog, her smart sense of humor and her delectable recipes never fail to make me smile. For our Passover Potluck, Betsy and Ree have put together some creative and yummy Tasty Kitchen ideas to share with you. These recipes would be great for a Passover Seder, or for any meal during the holiday week. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

Be sure to join up on the Tasty Kitchen site so you can start a recipe box, submit your own recipes, read the Tasty Recipe Blog and browse the new recipe entries each week. This Shiksa wholeheartedly recommends!  ~ Tori

Betsy says:

Hi everybody! I’m Betsy, and I work with my sister, Ree, over at Tasty Kitchen, our happy little recipe community. We are thrilled that Tori invited us to participate in the Passover Potluck. I’ve had the honor of attending a couple of Passover Seders in the past, and I so appreciated my friends sharing the story of the holiday and some of the fun traditions of the meal. Good times were had searching for the afikomen, leaving wine for the prophet Elijah and learning about the food customs (gefilte fish and bitter herbs come to mind). In remembering those meals, though, what will always stay with me is the feeling of community and the wonderful sense of welcome. What a great chance to slow down, enjoy friends and family and honor the history of sacred food traditions. We’re so happy to share with you a few recipes from Tasty Kitchen that we think would work well for Passover. Please come by and search for more holiday dish ideas! We’re pretty proud of the fabulous food our community members share. Thank you all for welcoming us to the table! Happy Holiday!

Grilled Zucchini with Yummy Lemon Salt by Ree

Grilled Zucchini with Yummy Lemon Salt

Dilled Radish and Carrot Salad by Spontaneous Hausfrau

Dilled Radish and Carrot Salad

Lemon Parsley Chicken by Elviira

Lemon Parsley Chicken

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Roasted Cauliflower Lemon Thyme Quinoa

Amy’s Slow Cooked Pot Roast by Very Culinary

Amy’s Slow Cooked Pot Roast

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Orange Matzo Bark

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Orange Matzo Bark


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    1. Aww, thanks Gerre! I am thrilled to have Ree and Betsy joining us at the Passover Potluck table. They are the best, and Tasty Kitchen is a fantastic resource.

  1. I am enjoying this virtual Passover so much. Seeing that Ree and her sister are here too just made my day! I have been with The Pioneer Woman forever and The Shiksa in the Kitchen is a new favorite. This “coming together” means so much to me. Happy Passover to all.

  2. Wooow. It all looks so delicious and healthy at the same time. I’d like to make all of those dishes. But the first one will probably be the radish and carrot salad. I’ll have a perfect opportunity to try it next week since my husband gave me a special gift on this year’s Valentine’s Day – he booked a cooking class organized by Zac’s cooking school in our native Vancouver. We’re now collecting interesting recipes to come up with during that course and your recipes will definitely be part of our list. :)

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