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  1. Ling says

    How long can you make this before serving? Will it keep in the fridge. It looks perfect for using up stack of tangerines I have and be refreshing dessert after a curry. Thank you!

  2. Helen Dashwood says

    I’ve been making caramel oranges for years so was curious to see your recipe. However, believe something is missing from the page? Your instructions get to the point that says “Once the peel is removed, slice the orange into thin ¼ inch rounds. Reserve slices and repeat process for remaining oranges.”
    Then the next instruction is “When rosemary syrup has completely cooled, remove the rosemary with a slotted spoon and strain the syrup through a wire mesh strainer.” However, up to this point, there is no previous instruction about making the syrup. Have I missed something?

    • Tori Avey says

      Hi Helen! I’m sorry, when I categorized this as a “featured recipe” this week my recipe input system glitched and the first line of the recipe disappeared. It happens from time to time, my web techs still haven’t figured out why. I just replaced the first line of the recipe, which includes instructions for making the syrup. so it should read clearer now. Thank you for letting me know!

  3. Carol S. says

    I have been doing my version of oranges sliced in this fashion for a long time. I learned from my Mom. I just drizzle the slices with honey and some cinnamon (also very Greek) to taste. The juices of the orange mingle with the honey making its own syrup. Sometimes I add some toasted almond slices. I think the pistachios are a divinely inspired idea and am going to try that. I like this at breakfast or brunch too.

  4. Molly says

    4 stars
    I found blood oranges, naval oranges, and tangerines in my supermarket, so I tried this recipe today. It turned out wonderfully. I’m thinking about making it as a Passover dessert in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to using the leftover syrup in tea!

    • Tori Avey says

      Wow, really? Those were some mighty sweet oranges! I knew there was some sort of blossom water happening there. I have to admit my memory of the meal is not exactly crystal clear, due to the copious amounts of ouzo we enjoyed. I do remember the food was mighty tasty, and the taramosalata was some of the best I’ve ever had. 🙂

  5. Michael Procopio says

    Hmmm. I wonder who your astute waiter was. Do you happen to remember his name? I’ll pass along your compliments.

    During the winter, I eat this salad at the end of every shift and I sometimes make it at home, too. I really like your idea of adding pistachio to it– saves me from having to make candied walnuts!

    • Tori Avey says

      I didn’t catch his name, but he was really fantastic. 🙂 I do love how easy this salad is, with such delicious results. I think the Kokkari version had orange blossom water in the syrup, if I remember correctly, which is also divine and an easy sub for the rosemary.

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