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  1. Emily says

    5 stars
    I am huge Thomas Jefferson fan! In fact, I wrote my Masters Thesis on him, so I couldn’t wait to try this soup. It was excellent! Simple, but very satisfying. Hearty, but not too heavy. I did a few deviations: forgot to soak the beans overnight, so I did a quick cook (they came out perfectly) and I only had 1 lb so I cut the water back to 12 cups. I added green onion and vegan bacon as garnish. I had never cooked with parsnips or turnips before and was so glad I did! Thank you for the recipe!

  2. Rich Price says

    That’s the only explanation, the beans must be older than dirt. 🙂 I’ll just try a new batch of dried ones. I don’t like using previously cooked stuff. Also will try to fix my stainless steel pressure cooker because the beans not only cook fast, but when I cook pinto beans to make refried beans, they come out with a nice reddish color. The stainless steel pressure cookers are expensive and I don’t want to get an aluminum one.

  3. Rich Price says

    Tori- you’re not going to believe this. I soaked the white beans overnight, have been boiling them for 3 hours and they are still hard. Must be something with those beans. I can’t remember if they are canneloni or plain white beans, I bought them a while ago.

    • Tori Avey says

      Wow Rich, I have to say that is very odd. They must be older beans, sometimes beans that are over a year old can be nearly impossible to soften up. I would buy a new batch– and maybe even ask if the bin is somewhat fresh that you’re taking from. Or, if you want something more foolproof, Whole Foods offers cartons of no-salt cooked beans (healthier than the canned ones), which you could use in place of soaked ones. You would need about 8 cups of the cooked beans.

  4. Rich Price says

    I always soak beans overnight for nutritional reasons. I use organic beans that I get from Whole Foods. Who knows, maybe they are old. I’ll do it again and time it to see how long it takes.

    • Tori Avey says

      Please do let me know, I tested the recipe multiple times but it’s always good to hear from readers if they have a different experience. If the timing varies greatly for you I will add a note to the recipe.

  5. Rich Price says

    Nice with the white beans. They take forever to get soft, I don’t know about an hour. My stainless steel pressure cooker died on me, I used to pressure cook them. BTW I’m using the immersion blender when I make this 🙂

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