Nutella Filling for Hamantaschen

I’m not sure that this little tip merits an entire blog, but it’s my stepdaughter’s favorite filling so I couldn’t very well skip it. :)

Here it is, the easiest filling of all… NUTELLA!

Plain, simple Nutella. Just put 1 teaspoon in the middle of the cookie before folding into a triangle. Couldn’t be simpler, and it’s so yummy! I made about 80 Hamantaschen last week, and the Nutella ones disappeared before all the others. Nutella is a dairy product, so don’t serve it with a meat meal if you’re worried about keeping kosher.

Nutella Hamantaschen are always a big hit with my family. The chocolate-hazelnut flavor is especially popular with kids.

As you plan your Purim festivities, please remember that one of the most important aspects of Purim is tzedakah. To read more about the act of giving on Purim, read this page:

What is Purim?

Need a delicious and foolproof hamantaschen dough recipe? Here are my favorites:

For my Dairy Free Hamantaschen dough, click here.

For my Buttery Hamantaschen dough, click here.

Other filling recipes can be found in the Purim Recipe section of my website.

Chag Purim Sameach!

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  1. Just wanted to say “hi”. LOVE your website and blog!! I found you on Facebook and became a fan and I love your whole “schtick” – the look, the feel, the info – so fun! Thank you from one shiksa to another, my nice Jewish boy will love me learning even more tips and tricks to great Jewish cooking. Can’t wait to see what you have for Passover coming up. I’ve been cooking all the Jewish food my hubby’s mom taught me since we got married (7 yrs. ago), but I think I’m ready to start mixing it up a little bit too.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi! You’re a doll.

    Hope you had a lovely Purim :o)
    – Ellie Sandler

  2. That is so sweet, Ellie! Comments like these make my day. I’m working hard on some amazing Passover recipes, I’m eager to share them with everybody. xo

  3. Hi Tori, been following your blog and doing a couple of recipes, but this one really made me laugh. Keep up the good work! I’m Jewish housewife, but I’m learning a lot from you!


    1. Ha! Thanks Kayla. :) It’s so simple, I was debating even making it into a blog– but for those who haven’t thought to use Nutella, it’s a really helpful tip. Such a simple filling, and so yummy!

  4. Hi…I’m a baker & a cooker & a Jewish maidel…I checked online to see if Nutella would work as A filling for Hamantaschen, or if I’d need to add stuff to get it right, as with many fruit fillings….I’m slated to give a Demo, next month. I’ve put together a simple dough & find Nutella, directly from the jar is the easiest & best filling I’ve ever used, in 50 years of making them.. Works way better than most fruit fillings that need doctoring so they don’t run all over the place. Thanks Bunches.Dotty R.

  5. Nutella is one of my favorite hamentaschen fillings (I remember trying it when I started baking hamentaschen in high school. I was incredibly unimpressed with the chocolate hamentaschen I’d previously eaten. I’ve used nutella ever since). This last year I decided to modify it a bit. I’ve often made my hamentaschen with a layer of nutella followed by a layer of jam (usually raspberry) because nutella alone can be a bit dry, and the jam with nutella is delicious. This year I mixed the nutella with very, very finely chopped dark chocolate until it was hard to mix any more in, and used that where I’d usually used the nutella, and it was even better. Heaven in a cookie…

  6. how do I become a friend on FB of the shiksa>……
    and newsletters and recipes?
    always love trying new things in the kitchen.
    so fun

    1. Hi Ellen! Go to this page:

      link to

      And click “like.” You should also hover over the button after you click like, and select “Show in news feed.” Then you should receive updates in your news feed. I will subscribe you to the website using the email you provided. Thanks for reading!

  7. Hamantaschen are my favorite. I have to make tons of them because all my neighbors love them. Can’t wait to try your recipes. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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