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Welcome to my library of cooking methods and “how to” tutorials! This collection contains posts and videos that help make cooking easier and more approachable, even for beginners. Make perfect scrambled eggs and crispy-skinned salmon fillets, learn seven ways to roast garlic cloves, and discover the method for roasting peppers that suits you, and your kitchen, best.

Learning to cook for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I was once new to the kitchen, and it took me time to learn the best way of doing various cooking methods. In fact, I am still learning! Whenever I stumble upon a new tip or trick that can make cooking easier, I share it here.

The tried and true methods you see here are used in my own kitchen on a regular basis. These methods will help you feel confident in the kitchen, decrease prep time, and create more healthy dishes with ease. Many of the cooking methods featured will also save you money, and result in better tasting food. Cooking healthy food from scratch, home canning, and making your own pantry items (like chicken stock) are all fantastic ways to improve your health and stretch your budget. Includes cooking for beginners recipes, how to soak, cook, and freeze a variety of beans, brisket tips, and more!