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  1. Dave S says

    5 stars
    OMG, Tori…is there anything you post that doesn’t turn out good for people?

    I went to a “Spiritual Nosh” at synagogue last night and we had to bring a nosh. Last minute I ran out to your site and found this recipe for the kugel. I ran out and got the ingredients and this kugel was a HUGE hit! The only thing is I thought I had ginger but I must have discarded it at some point and it was already running late so I left it out. I put a bit of allspice in (though that’s no where close to being a taste like ginger).

    The ginger didn’t really matter. Folks were grabbing 2nds and 3rds.

    The last one of the events I brought the matbucha which was also a hit. You make me look great!

    You are fantastic!


  2. Sarah says

    Could I start preparing this the night before? Maybe mix together all of the ingredients except for the topping, keep it in the refrigerator, then get it out the night I’ll be serving it and put the topping on before i put it in the oven? Thanks!

    • Tori Avey says

      Hi Sarah, yes, you can definitely prepare the kugel ahead of time. In fact, I find making things ahead to be super helpful when cooking big holiday meals. Just make sure to rinse your noodles with cold water to cool them off before mixing in the eggs and other ingredients, and be sure to refrigerate immediately for food safety. You may need to bake it a few minutes longer since the kugel will be cold out of the fridge instead of room temp. Enjoy!

  3. Sarah says

    5 stars
    This looks amazing. Can I put it together the night before and leave it in the fridge, then bake it the following day? I’m thinking I’d throw the topping on the day it goes in the oven.

    • Tori Avey says

      Hi Sarah, yes– just make sure you rinse your noodles with cold water before adding the eggs and other ingredients, to keep it food safe. Add the topping just before you bake it, as you suggested. I wouldn’t make it more than a day ahead if you are refrigerating. Enjoy!

  4. Michele Leikach says

    5 stars
    Oh. This is the best. I tried your recipe today for the first time. My Mom used to make her Kugel with pineapple, and my Mom-in-law made hers with golden raisins. I decided to put both raisins and pineapple in, and … WOW. Ridiculous. The best my husband and I have ever had. This recipe is now in my personal “favorites” cookbook. However. Not for dieters. (We are, mostly, but this was a splurge that was WELL worth it!!!)

    • Tori Avey says

      Fabulous Michele! Thank you so much for reporting back. It’s a great kugel to “dress up” with fruit, as you have done. 🙂

  5. Mort Greenberg says

    12 oz wide egg noodles: Use yolk free noodles
    6 large eggs: Use egg beaters
    1 lb (2 cups) lowfat sour cream: fat free sour cream
    8 oz (1 cup) lowfat cottage cheese:fat free cottage cheese
    8 oz (1 cup) cream cheese, softened:fat free cream cheese
    1 1/4 cups sugar: 1 1/4 cups splenda
    1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted: about a 1/4 cup or so of no sugar added apple sauce (this is a guess)

    What do you think?

    • Tori Avey says

      Mort, while this might be a healthier option for those who are watching their calories, I never (ever) use fat free dairy in a kugel. It seems like a shonda to me. Lowfat helps to cut the calories and provides so much more flavor than nonfat. Yolk free noodles are fine if you prefer them. Also I’m not sure about the apple sauce. That said, if these modifications work for you, then that’s awesome! Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Julie says

    5 stars
    I made this for Mother’s day brunch today and it got rave reviews! My only deviation was using gingersnaps for the topping which seemed to compliment the Chai spices. I don’t eat dairy, gluten or eggs these days ( I know, fun right!?!) So I didn’t taste it but everyone said it was a hit. Thanks!

  7. Stu B. says

    Life is tough in the fast lane….I was just informed that Sunday is Mother’s Day, funny how that sneaks up on guys, and our son is making Mother’s Day with an assortment of BBQ ribs and the kugel would NOT be a side dish. Friday night, tomorrow, I’m a culinary assistant at a cooking school teaching techniques of BBQ from 5 to 11 PM. Sat. is our other son’s 44th B’day and we are going out for dinner. I figure that next week is good at which my wife reminded me that I’m lactose intolerant and if I dare make this kugel she will post the phone number of the local funeral home on the wall next the phone because if the kugel does not kill me she will after hearing me complain about all the intestinal problems I will have after eating a piece…..
    What to do? What to do?

  8. Lucy Meyer Fox says

    I also make this with a bottom crust of graham crackers and not a heavy crust on top. My Mom used to make this she got it from the newspaper the President of the Bronx, his name was Mr Badillo was married to a Jewish lady and she wrote the recipe. Small world!

  9. Hannah says

    These warm spices are perfect in kugel, Tori! I love your connection between Hebrew chai and Indian chai. You’re right, both are quite happy. Terrific music picks – I’m humming away as I head to sleep! I appreciate the kind mention, too. Chag sameach!

  10. Stu Borken says

    My wife makes the best noodle kugel ever…but….she always makes it for shiva lunches, so, it’s been called Sue Ellen’s Shiva Kugel and we can’t have it at any other time because it feels like we are at a shiva if we eat it. What a problem!

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