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  1. Carla A Dodd says

    4 stars
    Delicious and filling! We are always on the lookout for vegan meals. We played around a bit–a little hot sauce for my husband, a little Za’atar for me, a little garlic for both. Next time doubling it tripling the onions.

  2. Sara says

    Wow this is so surprising. I’m Pakistani and we eat this too but we call it Khitchri. I don’t add lemon peels though and we love to eat it with spicy sauce (Chutney: made with corriander, garlic, green peppers, tamarind and cumin) or with mango/lemon pickle.
    My dad eats it with tomato and cucumber salad. and my sister with yogurt.

  3. Tamara says

    do you think this will taste ok with quinoa instead of rice for passover? trying to think of ideas for vegetarian with no dairy.

  4. Alex R. says

    5 stars
    So delicious! This is probably a stupid question, but can you freeze this? My husband and I aren’t eating it fast enough and don’t want it to go to waste if at all possible!

  5. Carli Ellinghaus says

    4 stars
    I really liked this, but I agree it was lacking a bit of flavour at the end. I had no lemon so I cooked the rice with orange peel. I also added a decent amount of extra cumin, salt, pepper, juice of half an orange and 500g of lamb mince. Next time I will cook the rice with lots of garlic and also add more vegetables.

  6. Sofiya says

    5 stars
    I loved this dish guys so I really absolutely recommend this for everyone and I love the way u put a gluten free recipe so good on you. I’m gluten free as well so thank you so much for helping me!✌️

  7. Janice says

    5 stars
    Really liked this! Followed the recipe exactly, but felt it needed a little *something* at the end. Will definitely pick up some Greek or Lebanese yogurt for the next time I make it. It felt like a nice base recipe that everyone in my family could sort of take in their own direction…son added soy sauce and husband added Siracha…daughter and I liked just as was. Looking forward to trying again with yogurt….

  8. Jeanne Owen says

    I am glad that I found your website. Thank you so much for all your efforts here!

    Would you please include the ingredients and amounts typical of the regional recipes you feature, as well as your thoughtful adaptations?

    We like exploring ethnic cuisines, so we feature less common fruits, nuts, vegetables and flavor combinations in our meals whenever we can. We are fortunate to be able to grow some of our favorites.

    Two of our next experiments will be growing, harvesting, and using our own fenugreek and rau ram.

  9. Dana says

    5 stars
    Wonderful recipe! I’m Syrian and we eat this dish as well. The bay leaves were a great addition. I didn’t have lemons on hand so I had to use orange peel instead… I hope that’s okay! Definitely using lemon peel next time though.

  10. Chummy says

    4 stars
    I’miss glad to have found your site. I made Mujadara tonight using your recipe, it turned out really well! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Fortuna says

    I haven’t made your recipe yet, but look forward to trying it. My mother used to make this ( her parents were born on Syria) and it was my favourite. She was a great cook, but couldn’t give me the details of how to make it…thanks for the specific because when I’ve made it the rice came out a bit too soft.

  12. Maria Weiser says

    Thank you so much for starting a GF tab. I am celiac, and while I enjoy reading through recipes, sometimes I just need to find something – QUICK!!!!! This sounds delicious – I plan to make a pot this week and can’t wait to enjoy it.

  13. Naomi says

    5 stars
    I am trying out a GF diet for the new year and this will be one of the first things I make! I’m hoping to find recipes that my whole family can enjoy, even though I will be doing the GF thing on my own. It looks fantastic, thanks!

  14. Jill says

    5 stars
    Looking forward to making this! LOVE your gluten free recipes—please keep them coming. I chose to avoid gluten due to painfully inflamed knees & ankles. Now that I eat zero gluten, my knees feel back to normal. I can jump rope in my work-out gain! I found you through Patti Londre & the wonderful Thanksgiving meal that the food bloggers made.

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