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Food History

Find recipes, food history, and culinary culture shared by Tori Avey and her team of food experts. From the history of popcorn and ice cream to Mark Twain’s “Little Bill of Fare,” what Abraham Lincoln ate to edible aphrodisiacs, a variety of fun and fascinating topics are explored here. Learn more about the background of popular ingredients, what famous historical figures were eating, where some of the most beloved American cakes were born, the stories behind our favorite recipes, and more.

Do you enjoy your meals with a side of food history? Or do you like showing off your history knowledge at dinner parties? Then you’ve found the right place! Food is a necessity, but it’s also fascinating. Learning about the origins of some of our favorite dishes can help us to understand what our ancestors ate, and why we eat what we eat. From red velvet cake, to Civil War beef stew, and Martha Washington’s preserved cherries, you’re sure to find something here to satisfy your mind and your stomach.