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  1. Amanda Sheps says

    5 stars
    Thank you so much for this! I stumbled across this recipe. As a college student, the matzah wraps were an easy and perfect meal to make in my apartment! I will definitely be remaking this in the future. Happy Passover!

  2. Julie says

    5 stars
    I was thrilled to see this recipe! My husband was lamenting that we can’t have what we call “chilichangas”– chili baked inside a flour tortilla– this week, so I made these tonight. After the 10-minute drying time, the matzahs started to curl up and it was a joy to bend them. I had some breakage because I waited too long to fill them and they got a bit dry again, but this was still a success. What to call them now? Chilichatzahs?
    Thanks so much, Kathy and Tori!

  3. Acalya Heeren says

    5 stars
    What a creative and delicious idea! I made this recipe tonight. They came out so delicious. Thank you so much.
    PS: I did not follow the waiting time for 20 minutes, so matzos broke. But I knew it, anyways. Whoever wants to try, please follow the exact waiting time rule.

  4. Geoffrey says

    5 stars
    Good Morning Tori,
    I must tell you the celebrations for Passover/Easter went very deliciously well !!
    I am delighted to see and cannot wait to prepare the Matzah
    as a wrap for the BreastDekel.
    Here, I must impart a thought on the Buying of Matzoh.
    First, I am unable to eat any kind of bread. It cannot
    pass through the toll gate to enter the tunnel. So, I buy lots of Matzoh. Some dollar savings tips: I buy a large supply after a holiday. Why ? Because the price for a 5 pound package is cut in half. Examples: Manischewitz 5 pound package is regularly $5.99. But, it is reduced to $3.99.
    Still, from Israel, ‘Osem’ brand is $4.99 for a 5 pound package
    and after or as the Passover holiday closes the cost is cut in half to $2.49 per. So, for exactly $15.00 I have purchased
    50 pounds of ‘Osem’ Matzah which will I hope last me through to the end of Chanukah. When, again, I will buy another supply.
    Now, the Osem Matzah are 120 calories per and the Manischewitz is 100 calories per. Hm ? Puzzling, ain’t it.
    A pleasure to be a part of the Shiksa ‘E’mail community.
    Thank You, Tori.
    Geoff Ami

  5. Cookin Canuck says

    4 stars
    Kathy, this is brilliant! What a fantastic way to use not only Passover leftovers, but to change up a standard panini (not that you ever post typical panini recipes…they’re always fantastic).

  6. Alli Debrow says

    Brilliant! I will try this for lunch tomorrow!
    Everytime I read a recipe, one ingredient is missing.
    I knew I should have bought an avocado. I am usually good with staples in my kitchen.

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